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Happy Saturday all,

It’s a great day to write to you while watching the snow fall in early April!

About  Trichpiece™

When I first started to design, Trichpiece, I wanted to hire the right wigmakers who will create my vision.  I’ve searched in Europe, Asia and ended my search in the United States.  Why did I search the globe?  Because for one thing, many of my students and new prospects are demanding lower cost in hair.  To keep my prices down, I had to search around the globe.  From my experiences with global merchants, it’s cheaper but, the we do get what we paid for.  Dealing with my USA based wig makers gives me a much better buying experience.  The communication is easier not just in language but in delivery.  My USA based wig makers are DOUBLE in price than my global wig makers but, we do get what we paid for.

My Trichpiece design took over 2 years in designing, making and testing by a real live Trich student who gave me her honest opinion.  She’s been my client since 2006.  She’s tried numerous hairpiece wig makers I’ve encountered along the way.  She spent $1800 to $3800 for hairpieces.  By far, she loves the American made Trichpiece.  It’s a higher price tag, but it’s worth its weight in gold.

This is my client with Trichotillomania who tested 2 hairpieces:

1. Midi Hairpiece size 10″ x 10″

Trichotillomania Pull-Free Hair Barrier Sue



Pros & Cons of MIDI Hairpiece VS. Trichpiece

    Today's Price!
    1. AVAILABILITY Immediately
    2. HAIR QUALITY Good
    4. REPAIR COST None
    5. NEEDS every 6 month replacement
    6. SALON RETAIL $1800-$2800
    7. NEW OR OLD New all the time
    8. LONGEVITY 6 months average


    How to purchase Trichpiece™ Virgin Hair

    Trichpiece™ starts at $3800.  Virgin hair starts at $4800


    How to purchase 75% off  Trichpiece™ Virgin Hair

    So as you have read earlier, when I’ve gone through more than one wig maker to find the best, I’ve acquired some prototypes.  Here’s one for sale.  It retails for $3800 but your for $950.  It is 100% virgin hair in color black.  It can be dyed but seek a professional colorist.  The length is about shoulder length.  There is only 1 left in stock.  This comes with the install and removal kit plus travel hair care set and free webcam tutorial for new students only.  Current students may purchase this but 1 free gift per student please.

    Trichpiece™ Virgin Hair Photo

    black trichpiece

    Trichpiece™ Photo of Wet Virgin Hair

    That’s all for now.  Have a great weekend!  Enjoy this “Snow in April” photo I took in my backyard!

    Frog snow wig

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