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Other stylists/hair companies say that glues, polymers and bonds will damage my hair?

FALSE. For a hair company to get a patent on their hair or methods, it must be FDA approved. Their chemists have tested it numerous times. The patent process is not an easy task so they must truly believe in their bond quality. The only thing that will damage your hair extensions is poor maintenance and keeping them on longer than my recommended eight weeks or if you weak hair. I offer all types of methods including polymers. I am very open minded and will give you suggestions rather than oppose. Stylists who say they are educated in only 1 method OR Hair companies who say they only sell 1 technique OR Clients who have bad-mouthed certain methods were either never educated on proper care or possibly had the wrong method.

Websites claiming 'hair extensions damage hair because of glue, weaves or metals' are incorrect?

YES. Only an inexperienced stylist would advertise such comments. Highly experienced and licensed cosmetologists who are top producers would NEVER say that. Not many salons offer this kind of specialty, so their knowledge in this field is minimal. They will sell you whatever option they are knowledgeable in hoping to make some money. On the other hand, top producers get at least 5 clients per week and they offer a wide variety of options. They are called Specialists- like myself. Again, those who claim to have had bad experiences did not have their extensions installed correctly, properly maintained or removed patiently. Hair extensions require heavy patience! Your hair has many different lengths. With equal distribution, even placement and using the correct sized attachment will not cause the horror stories inexperienced that many people speak of.

So you are saying that there are different types of glues, bonds and polymers?

Yes. Just like you have Elmer's glue, Crazy glue, Fabric glue and Sticky glue there are many types of adhesives for hair extensions. I have worked with almost every single kind of hair extension on the market today. The bad ones melt easily, so if you were to sit under the hair dryer you will have the glue dripping all over and glue dries, so it will be cemented to your hair. The good quality ones do not do that. The best 'glue,' polymer or bond I have ever tried is my Great Lengths option. Their bond is amazing! It never disintegrates. The downside is that it requires extreme patience to remove because it takes a very long time. Although there are many imitators selling similar products, I still prefer using the Great Lengths bond even if the imitation hair is less expensive. In my salon, I do hair extensions almost every single day, so my time is very valuable. I need something reliable, easy to use, strong and sold exclusively to licensed professionals. As my mother, who was a pharmacist, used to say; "Any meds sold over-the-counter are used by do-it- yourselfers because you need a prescription from a professional doctor if you want the most reliable kind of meds."

Have you also tried the hair extension that uses metal attachments?

Yes. My favorite are the ones who's bonds do not disintegrate and who's metals never discolor, chip or turn green. My process is also different. I double fold my metals rather than just fold flat. When it's double-folded, it will ensure the tightest, no-slip seal ever. I tried this method on my client who has see-through hair {she loves this method even though her hair is so thin} and those extensions stayed on {NOT ONE CAME OUT!} till her next removal.

How long does reusable human hair extensions last?

In my experiences with processed reusable hair, the hair lasts for 6 to 12 months. With any human hair, when you brush the tangles, the hair sheds or the bottom ends break. Don't forget normal wear and tear, shedding (yes human hair extensions shed!) and split ends.

I had fusion hair extensions and the damage to my real hair was horrible...

I went from shoulder length thick hair to bald spots and thinning hair which is about 2 inches in length. I had no choice but to reinstall extensions after removal. I am desperate for a solution - short of being bald by weeks end.

First, without looking at your hair in person or via images, it's very hard for me to give you an honest answer. In my opinion even without seeing you, I recommend refraining from any attachments that uses your hair only as an anchor. I would recommend we use my Hair Extensions For Bald Spots II option. It attaches to both the hair and scalp. It works wonders on very thin hair and bald spots where the hair is too weak for human hair attachments.

I could/feel see the hair extension attachments

If you are not artistic with your own hair, you cannot camouflage it well enough to really appreciate it. If this is the case, then you are not a good candidate for any type of hair extensions, human or synthetic. Even the most undetectable attachments will bother you.

The synthetic hair does not blend with my hair

If you are not artistic with your own hair, you cannot camouflage it well enough to really appreciate it. If this is the case, then you are not a good candidate for any type of hair extensions, human or synthetic. Even the most undetectable attachments will bother you.

The synthetic doesn't feel like my own hair.

If you are not artistic with your own hair, you cannot camouflage it well enough to really appreciate it. If this is the case, then you are not a good candidate for any type of hair extensions, human or synthetic. Even the most undetectable attachments will bother you.

The salon who did my hair extensions did a really good job, but I'm not used to the hair extensions.

Tell her/him to remove it, pay for the removal fee, do not ask for a refund. Try a different method {ask them if they will do a discount on a different method since you just got them done not too long ago} or part in peace. Never, ever ask for your money back. It is unfair to your cosmetologist. They are artists, but they are not magicians.

The cosmetologist did not do a great job on my hair extensions before I left the salon.

Open your mouth and speak up before you leave the premises and ask them to correct anything that is bothering you. Don't assume that you'll get used to it. The technician has been working on your hair for hours and hours and by then, you should already know just by looking at yourself in their mirror in all those hours. Never call up days later to say that you're dissatisfied. The technician will assume that you have worn your hair extensions for a once-in-a-lifetime event like your wedding, birthday or some other event. If you don't know what you will look like with long hair, try a computerized virtual makeover before you spend your money.

The cosmetologist did a really good job but the hair is coming out OR it feels loose.

If you just got it done less than 1 week ago, call them back and explain. Give them a chance to correct it. Never wait. Never assume. Your hair grows everyday. Before becoming upset, communicate first to try to resolve the problem. A very caring stylist will LISTEN to your needs and concerns. They will honestly tell you the hard core truth no matter what.
They will help you determine what is most important to you in weighing out your sacrifices. If they tell you; "There is nothing wrong with it," or "It's your fault," then you must go to another salon. Search high and low to find the BEST POSSIBLE EXTENSIONIST.

The salon is making me believe that my hair extensions are fine...

but after seeing your images, it's different. I feel something was not done right to my hair.

NOT ALL STYLIST ARE CREATED EQUAL EVEN IF THE SAME METHOD IS APPLIED. Before putting your money down, ask to see how they attach or install the hair extension. Go through their album and see the attachment site. DO NOT see a before {short hair} and after {long hair} picture, but rather a complete scenario. Pay close attention to how the hair is attached. Feel the size of the attachment. Measure how long their hair has grown out - is it a healthy growth? The average person’s hair grows 1/2 inch per month. Bring your tape measure for proof. The bottom line is to trust your instincts 100%. Make sure you go to a salon that is willing to show you examples of their work. If you like what you see, then go for it! Don't buy on impulse. I get so many clients who go to the closest salon, and then call me back wishing they had flown out to come see me. Now I have to fix the damage. Your hair is who you are. You can never cover it. We all know that ugly hair makes us feel less confident and anti-social, but there is nothing like an amazing mane to boost your self image. Beauty has no price tag. It would have been worth the airfare ticket.

I saw another website and they do the exact same methods you do, but...

their original images are not the same. How come, in your images, the attachments look so invisible? Why does it look more natural?

Everyone has different levels of talent. If you give the same paper and same crayons to different artists, the finished drawing will be different. Most importantly, all of the images you see in my gallery are all originals. They are pictures of real people- no airbrush, no professional makeup, no computerized alterations. I truly love what I do and this is where 99.9% of my income comes from.

I just got hair extensions done and I don't even know the name of the method I got.

That's not good. If you are paying thousands of dollars for a car, wouldn't you want to know the exact specs and model? You must go only to a licensed cosmetologist who has no problem telling you the truth. It must be an industry known method in order for it to be real and worth paying for. You must be able to do an Internet search on it and have no problem finding it. Seek only a CERTIFIED LICENSED PROFESSIONAL. As for me, I have invented many of my own methods or have perfected well-known methods, exclusively used in my business. These are the Flat Weaves and the Reusable Individuals. Please note- NOT all stylists have to give you the name of their method. As for myself, I like for potential clients to do their research. If you are in doubt, show it to me and I will tell you exactly which method it is.

My hair extensions seem to have static. Is their something I can do to get rid of it?

During the winter, static electric shocks happen more often because of the low humidity levels in our homes, heated by fireplaces and forced hot air. Static electricity can be a nuisance - clothes cling together, hair stands on end, sparks fly and you get shocked. Using dryer sheets can cut down on clingy clothes or static hair. Also wetting your hair and combing it or using hair spray can decrease the electrical charge in your hair. Just remember, anything that interferes with the electric charges will cut down on the chance of static electricity.

Are those the only hair extension options you carry?

If a method or type of hair extension is not listed or if it is discontinued, that means that I have found something of much higher quality. To keep my business thriving, I must offer the best of the best. It takes me an average of 4 to 15 hours to complete a full head from start to complete satisfaction, including a cut to blend and style extensions. Therefore I cannot afford to waste my time on unreliable methods.

I don't see any options that use glue pots, glue guns or hot resin dispensers.

I prefer pre-tipped strands. I can control the density of the bond simply by cutting the pre-tipped strands into halves, thirds or quarters. I can use these fine tips in areas such as the bangs. In the past I have done “dispenser methods,” but you can never control the density of the glue and it ends up looking fake and clumpy. The glue also dries faster with dispenser methods. The control in dispenser strands is much similar to a white-out corrector liquid applicator bottle as opposed to the newest white-out tape corrector. Pre-tipped strands are like the tape and are much more refined looking. A great human hair pre-tipped strand is my Great Lengths option. Great Lengths is by far the strongest bond in the market, in my opinion; but there's a down-side; because it is so strong, it takes longer to remove thus it's best for people who have really strong hair that can withstand the process.

I have hair extensions and the glue tends to be too long; and it is so hard to remove...

How can I tell my hair extensionist to make the glue smaller and the removal quicker?

I don't exactly know what you have, but it sounds like they gave you dispenser methods which is hot glue pumped out from a glue gun, hot box or a hot pot. You can never control the amount of glue dispensed from these methods. Your best bet is to get the pre-bonded strands, which is hard glue that is already attached to the hair extension strand, which you can trim and melt. If you want an easier removal, 1 week prior to getting the extensions taken out, just do the opposite of your prescribed maintenance;
{such as leaving your hair wet, conditioning your glue, use dandruff shampoo, etc.} Luckily for all of my clients, I guide them each and every step of the way.

What has the best bond hair extension you've ever tried?

Great Lengths. Once in contact with heat, the bond bubbles in a very collective matter making it a very clean application. In the others I've tried, the bond just melts and it spreads all over. In my Great Lengths bond, after it has melted, it stays in the consistency of melting chocolate… nice, thick and even; whereas melting the other pre-bonded ones is the consistency of melting butter, which is very drippy and thin. And I need a thick, even consistency because I apply it to the fine fringe areas too. They all cost me about the same, but I prefer using the Great Lengths. Plus, the quality of their hair is unsurpassed, that's if you like Virgin Indian Hair which has genetically stronger curl formations. If you like the flat-ironed look, then go for Asian hair which is genetically straight.

Displaying 21 - 40 of 801234

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