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Is it unsafe to get extensions on the sides of your head since the hair is weak...

I definitely don't want my hair falling out in clumps because it cannot withstand the extension.

You need pre-tip strands that can be cut into thin extensions OR ultra lightweight extensions. You need the width of extension to match with the same width of your own hair in order to even out the weight. During the consult, I can help you to decide by trying on some hair. You know most sides and temples are very delicate.

But aren’t Great Lengths Human Hair Extensions DISPOSABLE HAIR?

Yes. There are many different people who want fresh hair, and some want to reuse their hair, mainly because of their budget. That is why I offer REUSABLE HAIR that is attached with metal beads, shrink links or thread.

What are the Reusable Shrink Links Hair Extensions?

In the Reusable Shrink Links hair extensions, a clear link is “shrink wrapped” forming a strong grip around the hair and hair extension. The removal uses a hot iron to soften the link so that the hair extension slides out.

How do Reusable Shrink Links compare to Metal Links Hair Extensions?

The shrinks uses heat to seal while the metal uses tools to seal.
For fine hair, I prefer the shrinks because in order to remove them, they are reheated, so it expands and easily opens up whereas in the metal shells, a pointy clamp is inserted which sometimes chews on the hair. There are metal links that now have a soft silicone cushion which will help prevent further damage.

Do the pre-tip strands really last? I used to have them and they disintegrated.

The key to long lasting pre-tips is in the glue, itself. It must have a plastic coating to protect the glue from disintegrating. Shrink Links reusable tips are very long lasting. Please remember, how well you care for these reusable hair extensions will depend on its longevity. Reusable hair is great for my clients on a very tight budget. If money is not an issue, fresh new hair is much more desirable. The majority of my clients buy new reusable hair after using it for 6 months to 1 year, even though it's still in great condition, but mainly because they just want something different. They also come to see me within 4 to 8 weeks to get it re-tightened. For long lasting reusable pre-tips I would suggest buying directly from a reputable cosmetologist.

There are so many hair extension method out there, which one is for me?

You have to factor in your budget, your lifestyle, what you want to use them for – a special occasion, until your own hair grows out to a certain length or forever.

How would I know if the hair extension cosmetologist I'm dealing with is reputable?

There are many so-called technicians out there. You have to be smart and call up the hair company and ask them to refer you to a qualified, licensed cosmetologist. Reputable hair companies never sell their hair or tools to just anyone. There are classes involved and licenses required.

  1. Ask to see a valid license, certificate, photo ID for the correct name of the method you are paying for {Real cosmetologists will tell you upfront}. Does the industry know about this method?
  2. Do research and find out if they even register as “qualified techs” before you put down your deposit or else you are at risk of getting their fake hair. There is also the risk of getting an infection in an unsanitary or unlicensed work space.
  3. Never let someone do it at your house, never meet them in an unknown place. You have to make sure the location is professional.
  4. They must accept major credit cards as all professional businesses do and
  5. They must have a valid state ID should you decide to issue a complaint for whatever reason. Basically, call the Dept.of State and the hair company to find out if they are licensed and legit. Watch closely for these red flags {no licenses, non-salon location, bad mouthing other hair extension methods especially

I'm very reputable. I also have no problem showing my licenses and certificates to the world.

I see so many websites advertising hair extensions. I don't know which one to pick?

Look for certain clues. Their website must say, "Licensed Cosmetologist;" "Certified In {name of hair extension};" "Fully Insured, Licensed Salon." Be smart and read carefully. Pick sites that stand out. Pick an original rather than a copycat. If you see the exact same images from another website, then most likely you don't really know for sure what you are getting. You really need to see their original work in order to fully believe in them. You must ask for references! Their website should also provide some sort of price guideline. Every single image in my gallery is my own original work. It is in its original format. I did not do any retouching or airbrushing. I am also upfront with my costs. As a specialist I can automatically tell you what it is going to cost you. I never bait and switch, and that practice is unacceptable. Do thorough online research on a salon and learn about their reputation.

Why should I choose a lic. cosmetologist to do my extensions rather than a so called techician?

Many years ago manicurists and braiders did not require licenses. Suddenly clients started getting infected and it cost them some kind of deformity that they needed to treat medically. Today, all manicurists and braiders aka hair extensionists must have license. The licensee was completely trained in, not just the art of beauty, but the science of it, as well as the proper sanitary precautions. Did you know that there are private inspectors that go into salons and will fine or terminate their license if they are not practicing sanitary pre- cautions? Always ask for valid licenses, certificates and a photo ID. I specialize in all methods of hair augmentation for cosmetic and for hair loss solutions, and believe me, I have seen many deformities caused by hair extensions. First and foremost, your money is well spent and you are safe if you get your hair extensions done in a fully licensed salon as opposed to someone’s house. Don't be tempted with low costs. Be smart! Hair takes a very long time to grow and you want to preserve yours.

Can I trust the information/comments I read in chat rooms/public forums?

Truthfully, I would be skeptical of what you read a public forum or chat room posting as you cannot be sure of the source of the information. It is all anonymous and you don’t know for sure what that person’s background is. What you get from me is the hardcore truth. In any case, use your intuitive feeling about the website you're visiting. If you feel at peace, then that's where your heart is leading you.

Why is your website more informative than the rest?

I want my clients and my potential clients to be as informed and empowered as possible when making the decision to purchase hair extensions when it comes to the different methods available to them. I want them to feel as I myself would like to feel when making a purchase.

What should I know before I email a licensed cosmetologist?

Ok, so you have decided to go with someone you believe will make your hair dreams come true. If you are really serious about getting your hair done by this person, email clear images of your head shot, back shot and profile so that she or he can steer you in the right direction. You must also clearly explain your problem area{s). Don’t assume that the technician has a crystal ball and can see your hair to determine your exact needs. Both of you will end up frustrated if there is not clear communication.

Why are there some licensed cosmetologists offering FREE CONSULTATIONS, but you charge a fee?

That is because if you read their website thoroughly, they only offer a one-size-fits-all option. They are educated in only 1 technique and most of the time their consultation lasts for only 15 minutes. On the other hand, my consultations last for 60-90 minutes and I include FREE SAMPLES for you to try before you spend your hundreds or thousands. In addition, if you do decide to have your extensions done, your entire consult fee is deducted from your service. Compare that! I truly believe that a “one-size fits-all” method WILL NOT work for every single lifestyle, taste and hair type.

What facts should I also know before I put down a deposit for hair extensions?

First and foremost you have to know if this is something you can afford. You must be upfront with the technician and tell them, "I can afford this much… " You have to also know exactly the kind of hair and the correct name of the hair extensions you are getting, the amount of ounces, packs, jars or bundles and what colors and textures you can afford.

What is a “hair extension formula”?

A “hair extension formula” is a record of what was done to your hair. It is very important to get your exact “hair extension formula” because you need to take this into consideration when you move to another state or when you are on vacation and may need a fill. If the hair extensions artist really cares about the health of your hair, she or he will be up front and tell you. Some licensed cosmetologists won't give you your exact formula; but I care so much about my clients that I do disclose this information to them. Many of my options are recognized by the industry and it's a secure feeling for a client to know that she can be referred inside the network whenever she has to travel and might need a fix.

I did deal with a licensed cosmetologist who claims to be certified but...

I still feel something is not right.

You must trust your instincts. Not All Stylist Are Created Equal Even Though We Do The Exact Same Method. Again, talent does come into play. In order for someone to work their magic in your hair, you have to trust them 100% and without any question. I have seen some really amazing work, yet some clients can never be pleased. I have also seen some terrible work, in my opinion, and yet the client was completely satisfied.

I did deal with a licensed cosmetologist who had many years of experience; but...

I still feel something is not right.

You must trust your instincts. Not All Stylist Are Created Equal Even Though We Do The Exact Same Method. Again, talent does come into play. In order for someone to work their magic in your hair, you have to trust them 100% and without any question. I have seen some really amazing work, yet some clients can never be pleased. I have also seen some terrible work, in my opinion, and yet the client was completely satisfied.

How will I know if a company that sells hair is legitimate?

They have a professional national website, a toll free number, customer support, they offer classes, and most importantly they say that you cannot buy from them directly and that you must be referred to a licensed cosmetologist. They list all of their licensed cosmetologists all over the world just by plugging in your zip code and clicking “search.” If it is hair and tools that can be bought by the public, then, most likely it is cheap imitation product used by DIYs {just like buying a home box of hair color, versus a salon’s professional hair color}. Cheap hair is also used by so-called technicians and even by professional salons {now with the professional salons, this is tricky, make sure they tell you upfront if they will use the genuine stuff OR the cheap stuff}. My clients don't feel ripped off because they know exactly what they are paying for.

What factors should I know about the different prices for hair extensions?

  1. Location.
  2. Experience.
  3. Find out the exact qualification specifications of your licensed cosmetologist.
  4. You need to know the kind of hair you are getting and if it is genuine or fake.

Charlene, what's your favorite out of all of the hair extension methods you've done since 1988?

So far, it's Cyberhair®. Out of all the installs I've done throughout the years, I've never seen such a method healthier than Cyberhair. This is the type of extensions that is so good for your clients' hair that in 1 to 2 years, you'll lose them because this hair will actually return your clients' hair back to health. I've gotten some clients to switch, but ya know once
they're used to something, even if it's unhealthy for them, they're afraid to try something new.

Displaying 41 - 60 of 801234

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