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I've worn hairpiece/toupee attachments before, but I could see the attachments on my hair.

Anything that uses your hair as an anchor can be seen and felt. If you are not artistic with your hair then you would not know how to camouflage it to really appreciate the aesthetic. Any fake attachments can, and will, be seen and can, and will, be felt regardless of size as long as they are attached to your own growing hair. If however, they are attached to your growing hair and scalp, it can and will be seen and felt when it is time for the hair to grow out.

Are custom wigs/ custom cranial hair prostheses worth buying?

Our cancer clientele love the feel and comfort of custom. It feels like a wedding dress made just for them. They have regained their active lifestyles and their freedom. They are more confident around their friends, loved ones and coworkers. Losing their precious hair is quicker than growing it back and their hair prosthesis, unlike a synthetic “off-the-rack” wig, is designed to last until their own hair grows back. Even though they have to take medications for the next x amount of months, they will be comfortable, since their custom designed hand-made piece breathes and stretches. But the number one reason, I've experienced is, because I can create an exact replica of them before the disease, their recovery time is faster. Whenever they see themselves in the mirror, they are seeing themselves and not a different woman who lost all of her hair to cancer.

Do you sell cheap machine made wigs?

No. My clients like fine, comfortable pieces that resemble them. They want to see the same image everyday in the mirror, feel like themselves again, know that they are not suffering inside a “hat made of hair",  continue to enjoy life and not have to think about if their wig is going to be blown away, wear it everywhere: an amusement park, to the beach, on a cruise or in the swimming pool and most importantly they know they are paying or their insurance is paying for quality, longevity and freedom. The total price for a cheap wig would be more expensive in the long run as opposed to a custom human hair prosthesis. Cheap wigs must be replaced often, there are many restrictions and the average active woman finds it difficult to restyle. Save the cheap machine made wig for a costume party.

Does health insurance cover wigs?

Perhaps. First find out if your insurance will cover the S8095 code and get a script from your doctor.

Which is better human hair or synthetic fiber?

This is up to the individual. Synthetic always has that perfect hair style look. It never limps in humidity. However, there is a downside. With synthetic, you have to remove it when you cook, at the sauna, or at a barbecue and you cannot leave it in a hot car. It is also the cheapest, and therefore has the least life expectancy. I would say the best candidates are those with very inactive lifestyles. Human hair is just like your human head. There are no restrictions. Human hair is popular with the younger crowd as well as for people with active lifestyles. Put it this way, styling and caring for synthetic wigs is similar to styling and caring for a Barbie doll's hair.

Why do some materials used in wig making lasts longer than others?

Think of these materials as pantyhose. They can be made from very thin lace or very tight spandex. Very thin lace is less visible, but the down side is that it has to be replaced often. On the other hand spandex is more visible, but it is tougher and will last longer. There are also fiberglass materials that are very hard and durable that you can roll it on the floor like a bowling ball.

What's the best way to care and clean a "daily use" wig/cranial hair prosthesis?

It should be washed after every 15 wearings. Before washing, all tangles should be brushed out. Using a wide-tooth comb or vent brush, start brushing from the end releasing the tangles and work your way up the shaft, one section at a time. Using tepid or lukewarm water (never hot), give it a bubble bath. Wash it like delicate pantyhose squeezing out the dirt till it is clean. Condition the hair in the same manner using fresh water. Use only salon quality products, specifically for your piece. Use a leave-in conditioner and let the hair piece dry on a clean towel; never on a mannequin or block because the piece will stretch out. Use a leave-in conditioner whenever needed since there are no natural oils from the piece.

What's the best way to care and clean an "extended use" wig/cranial hair prosthesis?

Check out 3 parts to this video How to Repair Matting, Tangling WIG

How is the collected hair used OR What are the methods of wig/hairpiece manufacturing?

It can be knotted (hand tied), sewn to a net base or injected/implanted to a polyutherane or silicone base material. If you look at over-the-counter wigs and turn it over, exposing the inside material, you will notice that it looks like roof shingles. If you ever had the chance to look at a hand made piece, it looks like pantyhose material or like a glass globe or a rubbery material. Machine pieces are the least expensive, typically under $500. Custom pieces are second to nature and costs over $1000 to as high as $10000. Only unprocessed human hair is used for such expensive, yet the most natural looking pieces.

What is the best kind of method of wig/hairpiece manufacturing to order?

This is up to the individual. You want to take into consideration the cost, maintenance, life expectancy, repairs, lifestyle your age and most importantly if you're patient enough to wait on a custom design piece. The machine method and synthetic hair is popular with the fashion crowd because it is something they will rarely use. Hand tied pantyhose method using processed human hair is popular with the cancer or short term hair loss crowd because they will use it for up to 12 months. Virgin, unprocessed hair using fiberglass, silicone, or lace materials is popular for those with permanent baldness. It is the most expensive, but it is likely that your insurance may cover the costs.

I've gotten quotes from other studios saying that their hair prostheses lasts for as long as 5 years without maintenance?

That is not possible. Human hair sheds. Grade A hair quality is better than Grade B so at least Grade A lasts longer. But whatever grade of hair quality you choose, you will still need to give it a refill. The base stretches too. And don't forget “normal wear and tear.” But the very most important of all is tender loving care. Even if you buy Grade A, if you don't give it the TLC it needs, you will have wasted your money OR you will have to wait until your insurance can give you a brand new one. In the medical industry, insurance will replace it after 1- 2 years time. The studio who told you 5 years lied to you. Could you wear the same pantyhose day after day for the next 5 years? Think about it.

Why do some wigs/hairpieces lasts longer than others?

You have to take that into consideration the hair’s specific materials and properties, how the hair is used and how well the wearer takes care of it all play a part. On the average 50% will replace their human hair systems every 9 months, mainly because they desire a new look. 25% will have it repaired or refilled with more hair. The remaining 25% will try to get more out of it. Think of it like your vehicle. Depending upon your driving habits, you will either need to replace, fix, or keep it for another “x” amount of miles of use.

What type of hairloss solution or wigs are there?

Here are images of the various types of coverage needed for your hairloss area(s). These same cap constructions uses any type of hair whether human, synthetic or mix to construct the mane of your dreams.

I live in Sacramento, California how can I use your services?

I don't have any franchisees in Northern California as this time.
You can have a stylist contact me for a PRO webcam or 1-on-1 PRO private class.
Or I also offer DIY webcam or DIY 1-on-1 private class.

Can I buy just enough hair to cover specific bald spots?

Please view the 6 sizes here- http://charleneblacer.com/as-seen-on-youtube-hair-extensions-for-bald-spots/  The smallest is the Half-Mini and the Micro. These can be cut to size and save for later use.

I have been researching a few days on your site for my daughter who is 14. We really want to invest but it seems very costly and I am not understanding what we would be paying for. Can we buy just the skin replica without the video and all other items to help with the cost?

PLEASE NOTE: Once you click on "Buy Now" or "Reserve Now", your options to include the FREE kit or not include the FREE kit is up to you. I am not in the hair selling business. My degree is a Licensed Professional Cosmetologist trained and specializing in the hair, life transformation and regrowth business. And the only reason why I opened these online shop is because my Students are unable to travel to my salon and it is my desire to get them to become pull-free asap! I have tried referring them to other salons, but unfortunately those salons cannot do what I do. Therefore, I am uncomfortable selling just the hair. If you want just the hair, that's the sale price which I endeavor to keep as low as possible. Please check my competitors' prices! And they just sell you the hair! I sell you a complete hair PLUS life transformation! Whether you use the FREE products and services or not, it's up to you, but to know I've included them puts my mind at ease. I take my business very seriously and I want to see everyone of my Students successful. It's like enrolling in a university and asking the teacher you want to buy only the books without attending class. That is not my business model. Thank you for understanding!

Hi, do you have a trained professional located in nyc? Interested in hair wefts for men. Specifically, viewed a video where tiny dots were place on the scalp. What are these dots? Can you buy them so where? Thanks, Brian

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My question is the TheSecretMane Hair Integration System What is the length and weight of this hair piece, I use a topper now but is giving my hair cradle cap, its is permamnently attached with beads and is removed and reinstalled by my stylist it has a plastic band, so when I saw your intergration piece was interested, just need to know length and thickness. Also how long when ordered is it received. Thanks Karen

Hello and thank you for your interest!  Yes I carry these in stock or custom.  Stock is ready to ship to you in 1 week, custom in about 1-2 months; allowing you to customize the length and the density.  Stock comes in 16" hair length and the density is "medium"- which is the most natural for the hair types needing a hair integration solution.  I wouldn't go by the "weight of the hair" simply because it doesn't give an idea of proper coverage.  Hope this answers your questions!  Please don't hesitate to contact me anytime!

I have thinning hair and have tried many things and have consulted with many people. It seems they do not want to help me because I'm not bald. I have female pattern baldness and need a solution for thickness all around. I havae been told by one stylist that an integration unit may be the best solution right now. She had sewn in toppers for me with the beads, so could this piece be sewn in as well? And is this piece customizable? don't want ombre and it seems like a lot of hair?

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Oops! Nevermind my previous inquiry about HH synthetic hair- I found where it's at on your site. Planning on purchasing one of the 'more coverage' pieces and since you used my review and put it on your site I remember you telling me that you'd give me a coupon code when I was ready to get a new piece!! Lastly, I'm having a hard time picking a color that matches mine. I see there is an option to email you my color choice, does that mean I don't have to choose one of the 8 options listed? Thanks so much for all you do, Charlene!! -Laurel

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