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Hi Charlene, Do you have any contacts in Toronto, Canada that can help me find a hair system that will work for me? I am hoping they have a payment plan as well. Thank you! Mae S

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What separates TheSecretMane from the competition?

I respect my clients. I listen to their individual goals and their wish is my command. I offer suggestions rather than hard selling them into something they don't need, and may not even fit into their lifestyle.  Other competitors will make you feel that so bald and then everything seems hopeless.  I will never make you feel that way.  I believe that if hair loss is treated properly, it can be reversed.  My goal for many of my clients is 1-2 years in treatment and grow the best hair possible so they won't have to wear a hairpiece anymore.
I offer more than the competition with a wide variety of options to choose from. Upon you telling me your goals, your lifestyle and how you like to style your hair, we then take it from there. My policy is for you to be completely satisfied.  I am also there for my clients any time they need me. I am a specialist in ALL types of Hair Augmentation and Restoration, a Licensed Cosmetologist and a former Nursing student.

I'm allergic to glues and bonds.

First we can try a patch test and see if it does prove positive. If it does, you can choose from my many other attachments such as: invisible threads, micro-beads for extended wear up to 8 weeks, or clips for daily wear. For a sample of our DIY glue, click here

What is your opinion on buying hair systems from the Internet?

Anything online is cheaper than personalized services. It's like shopping for ready-to-wear clothes, versus going to a tailor. The best candidates are those who already know what kind of hair and materials they need, and were professionally measured. They even know of a great hairdresser who can blend their haircut. Internet hair shopping is not for rookies. Any systems I sell online include my personal professional guidance. They are bought by my clients who cannot come to me, or who plan to come to me soon.

Displaying 21 - 24 of 2412

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