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I'm allergic to glues and bonds.

First we can try a patch test and see if it does prove positive. If it does, you can choose from my many other attachments such as: invisible threads, micro-beads for extended wear up to 8 weeks, or clips for daily wear. For a sample of our DIY glue, click here

What is your opinion on buying hair systems from the Internet?

Anything online is cheaper than personalized services. It's like shopping for ready-to-wear clothes, versus going to a tailor. The best candidates are those who already know what kind of hair and materials they need, and were professionally measured. They even know of a great hairdresser who can blend their haircut. Internet hair shopping is not for rookies. Any systems I sell online include my personal professional guidance. They are bought by my clients who cannot come to me, or who plan to come to me soon.

Displaying 21 - 22 of 2212

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