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I am a Trich Sufferer of nearly 30 years. I am turning 40 soon and I want to try something new that will hopefully work for me forever. I have been wearing a clip in piece for nearly 2 years now (it is a 9x9 piece) as most of my damage is on top and the sides of my crown. What makes your program different and could it work for me in South Carolina? Thank you for any insight you can share with me.

Clip-in pieces, many times, won't work for our Students because they can still get into their Trich area.  It is like leaving the jail open for a prisoner to escape.  TheSecretMane program is the very secure locking system making sure no prisoners escape.  The security guards are the trained Professors who monitor your hair regularly.  Of course, unlike prisoners, our Students are free to live the life they desire but they must follow our program habitually, to see success in the near future.  Because ultimately TheSecretMane has the same mutual goal; which is to "stop being a slave to fake hair for life"- whether you have Trichotillomania or just bad hair life from any form of hair loss.  View our before and after hair regrowth photos and testimonies.  We offer in-salon as well as webcam classes that can be done in the privacy of your own home or you can make a trip to Pennsylvania for a private training.  You will leave feeling great! Here's video testimony from my Trich Student!

How many days does it take to get fitted for a (trich) piece and to get it 'installed'?

Once I know your measurements, it takes 3 biz days for stock pieces and 1-2 months for custom pieces to come to me of which you can get installed at the salon or have the kit shipped to you.

I'm growing my hair back from trichotillomania, how long do the new hairs have to be to be able to use hair extensions?

The best length is 4 inches. Because you will have hair that will be long enough to bend over and cover the hair extensions.

I have been suffering from Trichotillomania from the past 20 years and have been unable to come out of it no matter what. It has really turned my life upside down and I constantly suffer from an inferiority complex and hardly socialise for the same reason. This in turn is also affecting my kids social life and I really feel bad for them. I have been searching so much on the Internet about it and finally I see a ray of hope with Secretmane. I live in California and I just wanted to check if you have Salon somewhere here so that I could meet you guys right away for treatment. Im really really tired of this feeling of shame and being forced to live secretive life. The fact that I had waist lenght long thick hair before and I was even recognised by my hair makes it more saddening for me. Can you please help me out. You are the only ray of hope I find...I feel so confident that with you...this will be cured!. Thanks and awaiting your reply

Hi! We now have a partner salon in San Jose starting April 11 2017! Please contact TheSecretMane@Gmail.com for the connection.

What exactly is a hair barrier and how does it work? Also I still have 98% of my short hair so far this time around. I have bald spots. But my CHEIF concern is to try an stop pulling the prickly brittle wavy grey hairs that hurt and make me pick them.What kind of suggestions can you give me for prevention of picking? Like a hair clip was mentioned here. Can you tell me what is a hair clip how is it used? Also how can I get or make one? Thank you so much for any help.

A Hair Barrier is a hairpiece that is installed using TheSecretMane no-shaving of the natural hair method. This provides a barrier to prevent access to pulling, as well as camouflaging the trich area(s) giving an aesthetic appearance; all in an effort to fight the habit allowing the natural hair to grow back. Many trichsters pull on the grey hairs and a TheSecretMane Hair Barrier will help prevent that. Many of our clients do not prefer hair clips as a form of attachment because they feel they can get their hands underneath and still pull. They want something much more secure and TheSecretMane glue method gives that security. It has been working since 2004 and going great for many clients.

I live in NYC and am very interested in beginning the secret mane program. Can I schedule an appointment?

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