Fight Trichotillomania with Team Brittany!

Welcome to Team Brittany!

25 year old, Brittany, bravely shares her Trichotillomania journey to success and endeavors to help other sufferers win the hair pulling disorder battle.

Brittany has been wearing TheSecretMane hairpiece barrier for 2 years and in hopes to fund another hairpiece barrier to help continue her pull-free successful journey, TheSecretMane advised her to do a video in hopes to encourage other sufferers to purchase TheSecretMane DIY Kits or Professional Salon Programs.  Charlene Blacer, inventor of TheSecretMane, was so moved by Brittany’s video that together they created  THE TRICHOTILLOMANIA SORORITY PIECE!  Anyone who purchases the Trich Sorority piece will join Brittany’s Team and Brittany, herself, will cheer you on your new journey!   Brittany’s story will encourage you!

What is The Trichotillomania Sorority Piece?

The Trichotillomania Sorority Piece is a Trich fighting barrier that attaches to the sufferer’s hair making it impossible for her to touch her natural hair which resorts to pulling habits.  The Trichotillomania Sorority Piece is made of 100% human hair with skin like materials for a natural looking appearance.  Because the Trichotillomania Sorority Piece is attached on the head 24/7, the wearer can resume her most active lifestyle, making her confidence level soar!

Do you have a Trichotillomania Sorority testimony?

Yes.  The Trichotillomania Sorority Piece was inspired by our student of 2 years, Brittany who wanted to continue her pull-free journey  success and created this video to raise awareness for the cause, help other girls become pull-free and earn some points towards the purchase of future pieces.

Trichotillomania Sorority Brittany

Trichotillomania Sorority Brittany

I am also TheSecretMane Student.  Can I make my own video and receive discounts towards a free or low-cost Trichotillomania Sorority Piece?

Yes!  TheSecretMane believes that the best testimonies are the ones from our students themselves.  We encourage our students to spread the word of our business testifying “how your TheSecretMane piece changed your life” while spreading awareness for the Trichotillomania cause.  And to thank our team students, TheSecretMane gives a 10% referral fee or credit towards the purchase of another piece.  Your personal page will be live until you decide to take it down.  Please note that any videos and photos remain property of TheSecretMane.  Please note that videos are subject to approval.  Please send us an email to get started!

How do I learn more about the Trichotillomania Sorority Piece?

How to Choose the Perfect Size & Most Common Questions for Hair Extensions for Bald Spots aka Trichotillomania Sorority Piece Hair Barrier

How Do I Purchase the Trichotillomania Sorority Piece?

STEP 1: Measure your desired size and choose from the 3 different sizes.

Trichotillomania Sorority Piece Sizes

STEP 2: Choose the color that best matches your hair or dream hair.  Because  the Trichotillomania Sorority Pieces are 100% human hair, it is advisable to color the hair 1-2 shades darker.

Trichotillomania Sorority Hair Colors

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Buy Trichotillomania Sorority Piece & be part of Team Brittany!

PLEASE NOTE:  That in order to be part of Team Brittany, you must purchase directly from the Team Brittany's link below. Once you purchase from Team Brittany, you will receive Brittany's contact info and this once cheerleader will cheer you on whenever you want to chat with her!


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*Don't Buy Hair, Buy Freedom!!!*


Coupon valid in Team Brittany store only. WILL MATCH OR BEAT ANY COMPETITORS' PRICES!!!


Coupon valid in Team Brittany store only.


Coupon valid in Team Brittany store only.

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