Free Consultation Great Lengths Hair Extensions Happy Colorful Holi~!

Happy Colorful Holi~!

Free Consultation Great Lengths Hair Extensions Holi

What is Holi?

Holi ( /ˈhl/; Sanskrit: होली Holī) is a Hindu spring festival celebrated in the Indian subcontinent, also known as the “festival of colours”.[7][1][8] It signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, end of winter, and for many a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair broken relationships.[9][10]  ~Wiki


Why is TheSecretMane celebrating Holi?

Indian women grow beautiful virgin hair that is long, strong and genetically matches most hair types from the Caucasians to the Asians to the African Americans.  This particular hair is most preferred by well-renowned, human hair extensions company Great Lengths.  TheSecretMane has been offering Great Lengths hair since 2001.  

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TheSecretMane actual Great Lengths Celebrity Client!

Yes.  This Bollywood singer, songwriter’s hair extensions were done by Charlene who traveled from Philadelphia to Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania have this service done!  View how beautiful her hair looks.  Beautiful enough to be center stage for her music video!

Why is Great Lengths Human Hair Extensions preferred by A-List Celebrities?

What Specials are running during the special Holi Celebration?

TheSecretMane is offering 30% off any length Great Lengths Human Hair Extensions.  Please use coupon code [GreatLengthsHOLI] in this store  Expires March 6 2018.

What else is new with TheSecretMane?

TheSecretMane has officially launched FREE CONSULTATIONS with any hair color service.   This can be for anyone, any method from hair extensions to hair loss solutions for Alopecia, Trichotillomania as well as Fashion needs.  Learn more here

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