FREE Hairpiece Donation 1 Year Pull-Free!

“she has been pull free for over a year”, says proud mom who is sharing her daughter’s happiness by donating her beautiful “like new” hairpiece!

Happy Wednesday!

I just LOVE receiving testimonies especially from a child who is over 1 year pull-free from TheSecretMane DIY Pull-Free Hair Barrier, that she wants to donate her hairpiece to someone in need!  How inspiring!

FREE Hairpiece Donation photo of donated items

FREE Hairpiece Donation 1 Year Pull-Free

(Images & Testimonial courtesy: by the mother of our Trich survivor)

FREE Hairpiece Donation previous testimonies:

2014 My daughter went to (2) homecoming dances this year. she refused to go last year. she never said, but I know it was because of her trich and her lack of confidence. she even asked a tall, handsome, sporty, smart boy to come to her homecoming. he said yes! i thank you for the confidence you helped give her. her hair looked beautiful and she looked happy.

2015 Happy Holidays Charlene!

Update: My daughter has been pull free for almost a year and a half. Her hair was long enough to sport a short haircut in February this year and her hair is almost bra length now.

We really think her hair piece gave her the hope to start over and would like to donate it. Her second hair piece was only lightly used. We also have a whole new glue and product left over.

Please let us know if you would help with the donation. Thanks!

2016  This hairpiece gave my daughter hope. We had tried several other hairpieces with trich, but Secret Mane was the only hair piece gave my daughter freedom and a fresh start. She swam, went to Six Flags, and played in school sports. She has been pull free for over a year.

How to receive the FREE Hairpiece Donation:

  1. Comment below and tell the donors why they should pick you to receive this.
  2. Donor will contact you if you are selected.  This is first come, first served and donors reserve the right to change, modify their request.
  3. Please share the news! (scroll all the way to the bottom of this page for the share buttons.)  Thank you!

How to donate a FREE Hairpiece to someone in need:

  1. Please take a photo of the piece with your success and we’ll share it on all of TheSecretMane social media sites!  Here’s the email.
  2. You may wish to remain anonymous till you select and contact your recipient.
  3. You will both arrange shipping charges if any.


Which sites offer FREE Hairpiece Donation?

Here are some sites who can assist:

cwhl_logo_banner2Children With Hair Loss was created as a resource for ALL CHILDREN who have medically-related hair loss. It is our mission to empower these children to become whole again by making hair replacement available to those who may be financially challenged and might otherwise not have a means of obtaining the hair they want and need.

Our goal is to assist as many of these children as possible in changing their lives by improving their outlook and empowering them with a degree of self-confidence that will allow them to face the world with renewed self-esteem.


logoWigs for Kids Mission

Helping Children Look Themselves and Live Their Lives!

When Children lose their hair, they don’t just suffer physically. The change in their appearance can drastically undermine their self-image and sabotage their self-esteem. To help heal the pain of these struggles, Certified Cosmetic Therapist Jeffrey Paul founded Wigs for Kids, a nonprofit organization that has been serving children suffering from hair loss since 1981.

Wigs for Kids is a cooperative effort among Certified Cosmetic Therapists throughout North America who share a common goal. “Children shouldn’t have to worry about how they look, especially when they’re in the middle of a health crisis,” says Jeffrey Paul. “We want to give these kids the opportunity to feel good about themselves again.”

The value of all children’s wigs Hair Replacements is $1,800. “These are custom-made Hair Replacements,” says Jeffrey Paul. “Each prosthesis is hand-tied and is made completely from human hair. We make sure they look just like a child’s own hair.”

“They won’t come off on the baseball field or in the playground,” he adds. “Kids can count on them. And because kids look just the way they did before, they feel better about themselves. They look in the mirror and their eyes light up. To see that light in their eyes-that’s priceless.”

Wigs for Kids depends on monetary and hair donations from generous individuals. The process for creating wigs made from real hair is costly and time consuming. Wigs for Kids never charges the families that are receiving these custom Hair Replacement Systems.


logoLocks of Love is devoted to helping every child suffering from medical hair loss, thus we do not discriminate as to the cause of hair loss. We list the following information in an attempt to explain types of hair loss and specific needs of individual recipients.

You Should Know:

Locks of Love is not a manufacturer of any type of hair replacement system or hair care product. As a charity and strictly a charity, we must purchase the custom prostheses we provide for our recipients.



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