GoFundMe Trichotillomania

GoFundMe Trichotillomania

We all have social media accounts.  And sometimes we just happen to login at the right timing.  And this was the case in my Instagram account.   Something caught my eye at 12 am in the morning; but because it was too late, I glanced quickly at the photo and turned off my account.  The following morning, I checked my Instagram and remembered the photo.  I decided to find it.  I was so overwhelmed with other pictures regarding selfies and food and hair, that I did remember the name had the word “trich” in it which made me look it up in a search.  Well I did luck out, granted that I follow many Instagramers name “trich___” or “____trich” .  I remember the photo and decided to read it.  And what I read was worth the search. https://www.instagram.com/p/BRaMBc5DyP9/

While I love everyone of my subscribers, fans and friends, there’s just a special place in my heart for the extroverted sufferers.  They are the voice.  As the Trichotillomania Learning Center nka BFRB.org once said; “your voice is their lifeline”…very powerful.

That said, I want to honor Morgan Cruz for being the voice for all the silent Trich sufferers in our world.  She started her GoFundMe campaign; Help me recover from Trich via GoFundMe https://www.gofundme.com/help-me-recover-from-trich:

GoFundMe Trichotillomania: Morgan Cruz’s Story

GoFundMe Trichotillomania

Help me recover from Trich

GoFundMe Trichotillomania- More options

Like Morgan, TheSecretMane endeavors to be the VOICE, even though I don’t have Trich, I have helped numerous sufferers over the last 12 years. Because I have been blessed with great customers, I want to give back and donate free services, hair and/or products to any VOICES. I want us to spread the word and help others fight this battle.

I want to help others stop pulling their hair out waiting for a Trichotillomania Cure.

Please send me an email.

GoFundMe Trichotillomania- How TheSecretMane helped Trich Sufferers grow their hair back

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