Help Make 2 Trichsters Christmas Wish Come True

“Deck yourself, before your wreck yourself” is a card I’ve chosen for this year.  It’s funny and I could sure relate to it.

In May of this year, I’ve had my hair cut.  It was too short than what I wanted.  I decided to cut it again and again; only to make matters worst.  I decided to put hair extensions with the help of my daughters; after putting them on for a client who had the same short haircut like mine.  I was so impressed by her transformation and how much she loved her new long hair, that I decided to do the same for myself.  

I just removed my 2 month old hair extensions and my hair is a bit better.  I should have “decked” my hair with hair extensions before further wrecking it.  How many of  you can relate? 🙂

Photo Credit: Etsy

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Help Make 2 Trichsters Christmas Wish Come True

Christmas Gifts for 2 Outspoken Trichsters!

In appreciation for hair barriers, classes and products sales in 2017, TheSecretMane has raised enough proceeds to donate 2 hair barriers kits complete with webcam tutorial to any 2 Outspoken, Unashamed Trichsters!  REWARD VALUE: up to $3000 each.

HOW TO ENTER: Send name, photos, address, email, best contact number and  in 500 words or less, the reason why you should be picked to receive the hair barrier and what you can do to help spread the HelpMe2Stop awareness so others like you may enjoy receiving a free hair barrier for Christmas 2018; to  Include any successful awareness, projects or public known events you’ve done that brought together your community.

RULES: 2 lucky recipients will be chosen by HelpMe2Stop volunteers.  The hair barrier can be installed by webcam tutorial or any participating salon.  Salon fee varies.  Some barriers are made of 100% donated virgin hair free of chemical hair dyes.  Hair length and colors depend on type of hair donations received.  Winner(s) may alter hair color/texture at their own discretion.  Offer open to any outspoken Trichsters anywhere in the world.  All entries must be received by January 31 2018 by 11:59pm EST.

ABOUT THESECRETMANE: TheSecretMane is single owned operated online business selling hair barriers and classes in an effort to teach Trichotillomania Sufferers who are embarrassed to seek professional salon services.  Since TheSecretMane primarily operates online, many of the products are offered at a discounted price from regular salon retail costs.  Great savings for the consumer and the ability to service one’s hair in the comfort and privacy of their own home.  If DIY isn’t your forte,  TheSecretMane holds a Cosmetology license in both New York and Pennsylvania and is able to service anyone privately or at a regular salon for hair loss solutions, hair extensions, hair cuts, hair coloring, facials and more.  TheSecretMane is available to do private or group classes anywhere in the world.  More more info please email

ABOUT HELPME2STOP: HelpMe2Stop is a 501c3 charitable non-profit organization bridging the gap between Trichotillomania Sufferers and drug-free treatment providers; who’s mission is- “Stop Pulling Hair Out Waiting for A Trichotillomania Cure”.  To volunteer, raise money to gift out like TheSecretMane and/or donate to HelpMe2Stop, please visit or email

MORE: TheSecretMane wishes to thank all of the sales in 2017 and hope 2018 will double to double the amount of donated Christmas gifts next year.  Merry Christmas all!


View before & after hair regrowth by TheSecretMane

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