Let’s Make 2018 Amazing!


2017 was a much better financial year than the last 4 years prior.  This year, TheSecretMane has raised enough to donate 2 presents to 2 deserving people.  Hope 2018 surpasses that so that with every continued year, Trichotillomania sufferers can finally get the awareness and help they need.

While I’m not working with Trich clients, I freelance at regular beauty salons.  2017 has been my first year working aggressively at regular beauty salons because coming from New York City, many stylists are required to choose a specialty and thus I chose hair extensions and hair loss as mine; therefore lacking many of the skills needed to service regular salon clientele for cuts and color; even though I earned a Cosmetology degree and had the basic training to service all phases of beauty salon services that covers hair, skin and nails.

Because of the financial hardship that our economy has faced in the past 4 years, I decided that for 2017, I was going to get experience in regular salon services (because we’ll never know when we’ll have another bad economy) so we must be prepared to branch in our other services.  And doing hair at a nursing home offered me that first taste.  Of course, I was a bit inexperienced at first, but with more practice and given the praises from the nurses and therapists gave me the confidence to apply and work at regular salons.

I have tried a few private salons and today I am happy to be part of a corporate company that has over 800 salons throughout the states!  It just so happens that I got fired from a private salon, who gave me no warnings nor probations, other than the fact that my co-worker assumes on the grounds of sexual harassment (I won’t discuss further as I believe in karma will payback and it’s in my past now).  Anyway, God is good, as during that sad period, I received an invitation to a Meet & Greet.  Thinking that it would be a social get-together, to my pleasant surprise, it was a job interview!  I got hired!  Of course, the remnants of my former job still remained as to why this new job would want me as I was fired because I was worthless.  I decided to accept working for the new job because they really do have great offers compared to any other salons I’ve worked for in the past.

About a month past and I was at an education class and the manager at my new job, who hired me, stood up and said that she stalks stylists in social media, looks to see if their still doing hair and invites them to her Meet & Greet, and I was one of the stylists she invited!  I was so flushed when she made this announcement in front of so many other stylists in the class that day. 😊

So things do happen for the right reasons.  Reasons that we may not like at that time, but I think it’s God’s way of telling us that He’s preparing us for something bigger than our dreams.  Fast forward, I work for an amazing corporation and I have sent out emails to key people.  Nope they haven’t responded…yet… But I do hope they will.  With over 800 salons in the USA, just think of how many can be educated and offer a pull-free hub.  I mean for Cancer Awareness, our salon did a raffle giveaway and also donated $2 per each haircut we did.  So I hope the same for Trichotillomania in 2018.

So my 2018 resolution never stops.

Thank you for being a positive force in 2017.

We made it through the storm and we will make it through this year!  

Let’s make 2018 amazing!

Below is the new salon that hired me.  JC Penney is a great corporation and great company to be a part of! 😃

Be sure to stop inside your local The Salon inside JC Penney or The Salon by InStyle inside JC Penney and inquire about their current discounts on salon services.  And please tell them that Charlene sent you 😉

Cheers to 2018!  Happy, Happy New Year! Image result for champagne emoji

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