Love is in the Hair! Happy V-Day!

This Valentine’s Day, our hope is for you to LOVE your hair…whether it’s

Love is in the Hair

  • Secretly Fake
  • Real
  • Straight
  • Curly
  • Short
  • Long
  • Thick
  • Thin
  • or in Between… hair has the power to bewitch a beloved’s soul…

Your hair is long and wonderful;
It is dark, with golden
Lights in the length of it.

Long, lovely, liquid, glorious
Is your hair, and lustrous,
Scented with summertime.

Beware when you are combing it,
In the nights and mornings,
Shaking its splendor out.

I bid you comb it carefully,
For my soul is caught there,
Wound in the web of it.”

~by Robinson Jeffers

Love is in the Hair Styles!

A holiday alternative to the usual half up, half down hairstyles.  Great for any age and most hair lengths.

Love is in the Hair how to half up half down hairstyle

Or if you wear your hair up, try wearing it in a heart shaped bun!

Love is in the Hair how to heart shaped bun hairstyle


Love is in the Secret Hair!

If you’re shopping for some new secret hair or wondering if only you could make changes to some DIY secret hair…now you can!


Your Dream Hair Our Design

P.S. Share with beauties!FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+LinkedinemailTumblrRedditDiggYour Hair Extensions for Bald Spots Vision has arrived! Your Dream Hair Our Design is for: You’ve struggled finding the best hair systems, hairpieces or hair extension pieces that fits your needs.  Like clothing, you’ve probably bought them all and tried them all…and still you keep thinking to yourself… if only… Now, just in […]

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YDOD is TheSecretMane’s newest collection and just in time to fall in LOVE with your DIY secret hair that as a promo special, here’s a secret coupon to use [LOVEMYHAIR] at the SECRET VIP PAGE only.  Coupon expires on Valentine’s Day 2016.  Again here’s the secret page

May you always fall in love with your DIY secret hair.  Happy Valentine’s Day…Everyday! ?

Love Always,


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credit: Andrea Pippins, Pinterest, YouTube, Mashable

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