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Hair Extensions Before and After Testimonies

V. from New York City who purchased 4 bundles of Great Lengths Human Hair Extensions for Lengthening. Her former stylist in LA decided on her purchase.

“Hi Charlene! Wanted to say thanks for everything today. I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY hair. It looks amazing. Now that Ive had time to look at it here at home, I think four bundles is fine but we should go with 16 inches next time. I think it’s still a little too long so I may just trim it here myself. Please tell me you got to the car in time.”

V. from New York City who purchased 4 bundles of Great Lengths Human Hair Extensions for Lengthening. Her former stylist in LA decided on her purchase. Great Lengths Human Hair Extensions
V. from New York City who purchased 4 bundles of Great Lengths Human Hair Extensions for Lengthening. Her former stylist in LA decided on her purchase.

V. from New York City who purchased 4 bundles of Great Lengths Human Hair Extensions for Lengthening. Her former stylist in LA decided on her purchase. Great Lengths Human Hair Extensions


Thanks again, I'm thrilled and Bill says I look 5 years younger. What more could a girl ask for?

Karen from Pennsylvania

Hi Charlene,

Please, express to your client this is the best hair experiance that I have ever known. I was so happy that I was able to get this hair treatment. It is not detectable, low maintenance, light as a feather and last as long as six months. The client will never want a hair weave or want to wear a wig again. You are literally hooked. Every hair style I wanted, I could style my hair with ease. I went to the Bahamas and swam every day in the ocean and pool and there were no problems. Believe me, I am saving my pennies to to get this special treatment for myself, again. Thank you Charlene for making me feel like a real women after losing my hair from my medical problems. Yes and please advise your client not to apply heavy hair dressing/oil to the actual link, use hair dressing/oil sparingly to the scalp. Don't use heavy conditioner's which causes build up in between your hair and the extention. Comb the hair from the bottom up, use small sections at a time. Using a soft brush, I found the boar's head brush had less pulling and tugging at the link.

Cheryl from Pennsylvania, on her Cyberhair purchase

Dear Charlene, I just wanted to let you know that after a week now with the micro accents, I've tried all my favorite hairstyles and gotten critiqued by all family members (which includes three very observant daughters), and we're all very, very happy with the results! The accents are completely undetectable, the change was subtle, and the look is completely natural which is what I wanted most. The two colors you helped me choose are absolutely perfect and I can't believe I'm wearing them in the bangs...I never thought they would work there but you proved me wrong. A few did fall out as you said might happen, so I will save them until my next appointment. It is so important to me to be able to stop using chemical perms or coloring and this is the answer. I continue using the Hair Support products, the silk pillow case, the looped brush, and conditioning products and the hair looks great. Great job! Thank you!

Julie D from New Jersey, on her Hair Strengthening Product purchase


My name is Alicia and I am a client of Charlene Blacer's. Charlene had asked me to get in touch with you to share my experience with Cyberhair. I can tell you that I have had a great experience with it! I am 37 years old and have had fine, fragile hair most of my adult life. My appearance is very important to me, especially my hair. I wore Great Lengths human hair extensions for almost four years, and found that over time that due to the weight of human hair, I ended up with thinner hair as a result and was very depressed. I knew that I could no longer wear them, however, I did not know where to go or who to turn to that I could truly trust. It was a blessing that I found Charlene and she introduced me to Cyberhair…I have to admit that honestly, I was skeptical at first because it was "manmade" hair and I was concerned that it wouldn't look natural or that it would further damage my already fragile, damaged tresses. Well, I was very wrong! Charlene is a true artist and when I was finished in her chair I was amazed at how beautiful and natural my hair looked. More importantly, I no longer had the heavy weight of human hair-these are so light weight and much more comfortable to wear. I honestly feel as though it is all mine-it matches the texture of my natural hair much better than human hair and it is durable. Very easy to maintain and always shiny and healthy looking.

My goal is to get my natural hair back to life again and to the point where I no longer need to wear any hair extensions-Charlene knows this and has shown much compassion and understanding. She taught me how to care better for my own hair-and as a result, after wearing Cyberhair for about 7 months now, I am well on my way to that goal! My hair is healthier today than it has been in a very long time and is growing back nicely, even with the Cyberhair in place! I cannot recommend Charlene or the Cyberhair enough! I have my confidence back today and I have hope for the future of my hair. Best of Luck to you as you make your decision. Sincerely,

Alicia from Pennsylvania, on her Hair Health Regrowth purchase

To whome it may concern,first of all as a hair junkie/enthusiast I LOVE!!! your site! and work! I cannot stress this enough! Your experience truly shows throught your work! I have been wearing various extenions over the past five years, fusions, box braids, pinch braids, jamaican braids, weaves, shinkies, microlinks, just about everything... Now I came across your site and seen the pictures of the cyberhair extensions and am absolutely blown away!!! I need to ask do you sell these? Or are there hairdressers in my country New Zealand that could do these? I simply fell in love with the method having read about it and seen the pix on your site and must have them! Please tell me you sell them or that there are other hairdressers out there that can do them for me? I live in Auckland New Zealand and flying to New York to get my hair done by you just isn't feasible as much as I wish it was. And Being a ex hairdresser having done extensions myself but now ! retired and working in communications I would be so bummed out if I could not have these beautiful undetectable and comfortable looking extensions. Could you please reply to me I'd appreciate it so much I just have to know I've never seen these before my contact e-mail. I'd be every so greatful to hear from you. Your website is great and your work amazing! I do hope to hear from you Thank you for your time, Sincerely

Dionne from New Zealand

First off, I just wanted to let you know that this round of extensions is holding up MUCH better than the last!! No frizz like last time, though I will say that I haven't let any heat near them at all. No blow dryer, no straightener and no curling irons so I'm guessing that is one of the main reasons why I haven't really encountered any frizz. I have also been using the Rejuvenators."

Dana from Pennsylvania

Hi Charlene- just wanted to let you know that I love, love, love my new hair. Your really did a wonderful job and it was so easy to wash and style..I am doing my best to protect it, and would like to know if a tanning bed would harm it.. I want to start going again but I would think that a towel should be worn over my head, if it would be ok. Drop me a line when you can,, I know that you are very busy.. Thanks again for my new "do" and I would be happy to refer everyone I can to you....

Debbie from New Jersey

Hi Charlene! Thank you soooooooo much for the tips from Joanne on the Cyberhair...VERY helpful! I do use hairspray and will immediately stop after reading her message. I also purchased the Ojon & Dove hair products. So far so good for me right now-it has been almost 5 weeks and no frizz in sight! Also, I have lost 0 strands the past 3 weeks-I think I am getting the hang of it! I have been using the hair oil and it is wonderful. I have to tell you that you are an amazing artist-I have received many complements on my hair, which I owe all to you! I hope that you are well and that you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving Charlene...Sincerely,

Alicia from Pennsylvania

I'd be glad to help if I could although I don't think I'm really doing anything special. I just pamper my own hair to keep it as healthy as possible & that seems to be what works for cyberhair too. You know how I'm always looking for great moisturizing products & won't go anywhere near the alcohol-loaded styling stuff. It's pretty much simple as that. My favorites so far are Dove, Aruba Aloe, & Ojon which gives my hair the texture & shine it had in my twenties. But Ojon, which is loaded with palm oil, can get kind of heavy after a few shampoos. So I'll switch to Dove shampoo with Ojon conditioner & everything's fantastic again. Just mix & match. I'm not sure I could help anyone who insists on using hairspray & styling gunk because I'm convinced that ruins cyberhair. Just look what happened to me at the other salon. & once the strands get roughed up, they start to tangle - not to mention that they look & feel like cotton. Honestly, well-maintained cyberhair always stays in place (& even on windy days will go back into place) so there's no need for hairspray. & if a client wants fullness, skip the styling products & just ask for more hair. No?

Joanne from Pennsylvania, commenting on her Cyberhair purchase

Hi Charlene, I love this system it's very easy to maintain and it looks terrific. My husband is very pleased with the results and no one can tell it's extensions. My own hair has tamed into the cyber hair and I have a lot of styles I can work.

Cheryl from Pennsylvania

"you're the besttttt!!!! Dear Charlene, How are you? Good I hope. Thank you sooooo much for doing my hair and accommodating my needs (for the long thick accents) last minute. I genuinely appreciate you and your work. My mom absolutely loves it also. Seriously, everyone has given me compliments on how I look, especially my hair. And since it looks completely natural-- no one is pointing fingers on what I did, they just know that I care about my appearance now. If I ever meet anyone who wants to get their hair done with extensions. I am definately sending them to you. (I do not know anyone right now) In order for there to be a next time. I seriously want to look into the laser treatment, so I can retain my hair and keep it strong to get extensions with you again. Next time I will give you a harder job, totally wild trendy hair style. I should have done this while I was there but I forgot due to the excitement. Thanks. PS. "Honestly, I think your laser machine worked, even tho it was ONLY ONE treatment. SERIOUSLY, I retained every last strand of my hair for 3 days after I saw you, my hair was very shiny, bouncy, had volume and DID NOT FALL OUT, it did not fall out-- not for nothing. I shampooed, I brushed and brushed. Now many days later, I brush, hair falls out (hair is also in brush), I wash, hair falls out like nothing (just like before the laser experience)

Fatima from New York

Hi Charlene! I just wanted to send you an email letting you know how much I love the cyberhair! I will admit that I was very skeptical about trying the extensions but so far so good! I went down to the shore for a week as well and it held up great! I've been using all of the products and have been taking very good care of the hair and so far its worked out great! I cannot thank you enough for your work and effort in helping me out. I am now a believer! Thanks again, and I will see you in a few months!

Dana from Pennsylvania

The Cyberhair is great so far. It is weird getting used to the lightness of it. I feel like there is no hair there after years of "regular"extensions being sort of heavy. And you were not kidding about the low maintenance! I In the five days I have had this hair I have done nothing to it besides brush and spray. I LOVE how it dries looking like a soft roller curl. I have not found any other hair that holds that kind of curl. I am very interested in upgrading to the MFAY with this hair.

Anne from Pennsylvania

"Hi Charlene! I can't even begin to tell you how incredible my cyberhair is! I have gotten so many compliments from people who just thought that i got a great haircut! I feel so much better about myself, and I think you truly are a wonderful person and artist. Thank you so much for all the time and attention you gave me...I couldn't be more thrilled! I will definately make an apt. after the holidays for the spa and more cyberhair. Thanks again, and i hope you and and your family have a wonderful holiday season!! Thank you!"

Maria from New York

I feel so free and do not have the concern of a strong wind coming alongand blowing the insta-weave off. My husband really likes it and doesnot know anything about the cyber or tabs. I love the freedom you have helped me to find.

RJ from Maryland

"Hi Charlene, My hair was a big hit at home!! What looks I got on the football field last night, I was only 5 min late for practice!! Hope you made it to your daughter on time, I felt terrible that you didn't get out of there to make it to party city 🙁 I can tell already i love the final protection spray you gave me, I sprayed that on this morning and fluffed my hair and it was amazing. I must say it feels wierd not having to wash every day like before ( i love it) Thanks" PS Everyone loves my hair. It is so funny, I got approached by one of the football dads the 2nd night. How funny, he just asked if i darkened my hair and said how it looked nice darker and that he didn't realize my hair was that long, then went on and on about how nice it looked since i colored it, and he goes to me..."see, I notice these things" I was like, sure buddy, you do. :)"

Jenn from Pennsylvania

Hi Charlene! I just checked the site and saw the picture! I have to say, I'm quite impressed. I'm a girl who doesn't like anything done to my hair that may make me feel uncomfortable. Well - I barely even notice they are there and everyone at work keeps asking me how I get my hair looking so spectacular! I'll let them in on my dirty secret as soon as you start doing this in New York! I put in some steamed curlers this morning and right now at 7:30p.m., I still have wave and body in my hair. I'm officially a Hair-oin addict. Thank you!!! P.S. The boyfriend didn't notice until yesterday when he tried to run his fingers through my hair. Sure, he decides to start doing that NOW! He doesn't care - he thinks my hair looks ultra sexy.

Jacqui from New York

So far so good with the extensions!! I will call you within the next few weeks to set up an appointment at the end of July/ beginning of August. Right now I'm in New York! Weekend isn't exactly going as planned but yah, so much for a stress-free vacation...but I at least I don't have to worry about my extensions falling thinks its my real hair which is also very cool. Anyways, take care and I will be talking to you in the near future!

Erinn from Pennsylvania

hey charlene, everything is going well have not lost one extension, thanks for your patience and working with my old hair, will be in touch to discuss my new hair purchase and install soon, thanks again

Maryann from New Jersey

Hi, Charlene! I'm delighted with the hair. Do you believe that two of my male coworkers asked if I was growing my hair long? The color blends so well that people who have not seen me in a while think it is my hair. I didn't lose any extensions the first 2 weeks, but since I've lost 7 or 8 - pretty much 2 a week. 3 had my hair attached - two were after I combed out a nasty tangle. As long as these aren't damaging my hair, I plan to continue with them! Hope you are enjoying the holiday weekend!

Martine from Pennsylvania

Hi Charlene This hair is amazing! It feels like the real thing. It's great to know that an ethnic woman can get more hair and feel her scalp without the bulkiness of weaves.

Saida from New York City

hi, charlene, how are you? i just wanted to thank you for the "new do." i just love the new look! i am so excited that it worked out so well. you were so kind and did such a wonderful job. i could thank you forever! thanks, again! Also, i wanted to know how many did you put in again? could we possibly make it a tiny bit thicker next time? if that's not possible, i understand. thanks, again and have a nice day!"

Katie from Pennsylvania

Hey Charlene- You're not only an owner, decision maker, & master artist, you're a fabulous magician. How you came up with hair with the exact color, fineness, texture, natural wave, movement, & shine as my own is beyond me. I've already spent over 5 hours out in the rain with it shoved under a hat (which eventually got wet), & wear it twisted into a bun at night. Each time, all I have to do is remove the hair pin, shake it out, & I'm good to go. I spend less time on my hair than I ever have & it looks fantastic. I washed it without any problem with my own moisturizing shampoo & conditioner. I blow dried just the roots like you said, but with a diffuser, & let the bottom air dry into beautiful, soft curls. It takes something like Nexxus Hair Glow really well too & looks extra pretty. I guess you can tell I'm thrilled. And because it wasn't such a drastic change, most people think I just had a great body wave. And a great confidence booster at that! My only problem: I need more brushes, 3 to be exact. I carry the one you gave me everywhere & need extras for my locker, my purse, etc. Please order some for me & email me when you have them. We can figure out when I can stop by to pick them up. & one last thing. I grabbed a yellowbook from 2004 when I was looking up beauty salons, which explains why I didn't see any of the ads you showed me. But the one for "virtual makeovers" in the new Verizon book would've definitely caught my eye. Well, I think that's it. Gotta go admire my beautiful hair some more. Thanks a million!

Hey Charlene! Just spent the weekend on the beach in Ocean City, Md. Had a great time & for once I was so proud of my hair, not to mention that it was incredibly easy to take care of. After all this time it still air dries into beautiful shiny curls. Even my husband said he loves how it looks. Charlene! I wish you many, many more years of success. You go girl!

Joanne from Pennsylvania, comment on her Cyberhair purchase

Hi Charlene- Just wanted to let you know that my hair is great! I wanted to wait a couple days to see how I liked it. It feels so much more natural than the "hair blending." I feel like myself again. My co-workers went crazy when they saw it. They love it. I was worried about the micropoint links shedding, but I have only noticed two come out so far and I have washed my hair twice since Saturday. I haven't used the scalp treatment yet, but I plan on using it tonight. I saw my before and after picture on your website. What a difference!! I love it!

Lilly from New Jersey, commenting on her Hair Health Regrowth purchase

Hi there! I'm at work and everyone loves my hair! It looks great - you did a wonderful job. I hope my husband likes it. He'll see it tonight! Thanks so much for everything! Let me tell you, my husband LOVES my new long hair!!! He can't stop staring at me 🙂 I don't think he'll ever let me go back to short hair again! he he. I do have some things I want to change for next time though. I think I need some of the Beyonce colored hair on top. It looks like I have this black 'hair piece' on top of my head. 🙂 I also want to put more strands in the top and just leave my hair on the sides for parting. Other than those things, I'm really having fun with the hair. Thanks again for a job well done!

Cynthia from Pennsylvania

My husband and I love my hair! I washed it this morning and it looked even better than yesterday. I can not tell you how happy I am with the final product. I am hoping they will continue to look awesome through the rest of the summer, and then I can come get them redone in Sept or Oct. They still look extremely full, great curls and texture, and no dreads. I just wanted to let you know so if anyone is interested in them you can let them know how great they still are. Thank you so much again. Take Care and I will see you soon!

Jacqui from Pennsylvania

Hi Charlene, I wanted to thank you so much for your work!!! I am a first time ever extension user and I went to the best for the best! You are so great from your awesome personality to the dedication you put into every project. I only wish I discovered you and your work sooner! I couldn't be happier! It has really boosted my modeling career (Playboy:)...and I am much more confident!! Thank You

Jamie from Pennsylvania

Hi Charlene, I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for everything you have done and for your generosity. Although it did not work out that I came to you for a hair style I wanted to let you know that I appreciate what you have done for me and the way that you put yourself out there for people with cancer and for others in need. I wound up getting the Great Lengths and all I can say is that I love it! So does my husband! I am definitely addicted to it. The hair is so soft and the bonds are undetectable. My husband had to search for them! The Great Lengths is totallly worth the price that I paid. Although she got 13 bundles we only used close to 10. She saved the others for my maintenance appointments. I know you are a busy woman and I am not a client of yours but I just wanted to let you know that you have indirectly affected my life in a positive way and I am sure I am not alone in saying that. I hope all is well with you and your family. I wish you every continued success. Take care,

JT from the USA

Hi Charlene: Thanks for checking on me ...I love my hair ---Getting used to the new system (Feels a little different then the cold fusion). I made it home fine although I did see a horrible accident that had just happened minutes ahead of me on Route 80 (I think the person must have fallen asleep). Anyway, the sight of that woke me up good. Thanks for your dedication and staying up so late to get everything just right. I enjoyed meeting you very much ---Looking forward to the next visit. Take care (Hope things work out great with all your projects).

Sherry from New York City

Hi Charlene, My flat weft hair extensions look great. I haven't had any problems since you put them in on 4/11. Thanks! 🙂

Shari from Pennsylvania

Now that I have these extensions I feel like a completely different woman. I have confidence that I have not had in a very long time. The hair itself is very easy and manageable. It takes no extra time to fix or care for than normal hair does. I am so glad that I did this and I will continue to have my hair done for years to come. I think anyone whoever has wanted long and beautiful hair should give Charlene the opportunity to serve you.

JaCinda from New Jersey

I used to go to someone who gave me hair extensions and put braids in my hair. She kept pulling my fine blonde hair to make the braids and it hurt my head so bad that I had to keep taking pain killers for one week. Then one of my customers referred me to Charlene last summer. Charlene sewed a flat weave that was so painless! I couldn't believe it! Nothing hurt! And it last me for 3 months! Plus the bald spot, from all those tight braids, is no longer there!

Sylvia from Pennsylvania

Thank you so much for my beautiful shrink links. I love them so much! All my friends and clients can't believe how real my hair looks! I like them so much that I want to learn how to do them for my own clients. Even after 6 weeks they are still looking awesome! This was the best investment I have ever made. Thank you so much for giving me gorgeous looking hair. The best thing is it looks like my real hair. I'll definitely be back!

Omg Charlene! I bought the SoCap Hair Extensions class because Great Lengths was harder to get a certificate for! Anyway, I had a stylist friend do my hair and she did a terrible job!!!! I had to remove them! And now I have to pay you to redo them! Lesson learned- I'm never going to let anyone else do my hair extensions! EVER! Even if I have to fly back from the West Coast!

Susie from New Jersey

I did not have time to fully tell you how amazing my hair looks. Even my husband loves it (and he never notices anything!) The color and texture are exactly what I had envisioned. AMAZING! When you show pictures, most stylist say...well, that won't work for your hair or whatever. But you MADE it happen. This is the hair I have wanted all my life! You are a true artist. THANK YOU! Love Mark B!

Anne from Pennsylvania

Best Hair Extensions! – I really think this is a great salon. Private atmosphere, very informative. My hair is beautifu!l I would definately recommend this place to anyone in need of hair extensions.

CitySearch reviewer: MissRight from Pennsylvania

Hair Extensions for Thin Hair Before and After Verified Testimonies

TheSecretMane Verified Reviews-Hair Extensions for Thin Hair Before and After- from damaged due to high heat styling, thyroid medications, post chemo, tight weaves, genetics or for brides

Hair Extensions for Thin Hair Before and After- from damaged due to high heat styling, thyroid medications, post chemo, tight weaves, genetics or for brides

What are Hair Extensions?

Artificial hair integrations, more commonly known as hair extensions, add length and/or fullness to human hair.

Hair extensions are methods of lengthening one's hair by incorporating artificial hair or natural hair collected from other individuals. Hair extensions can also be used to protect one's natural hair. These hair techniques are advanced and are used to change the hair drastically without looking unrealistic. ~Wiki

What types of Hair Extensions are used today?

  • Wefted Hair- Hair is sewn onto a track made with braids or seamless tracks.
  • Taped Hair- Hair is taped onto 2 inches width hair.  It is applied directly or sandwiched to make the hair extension last longer.
  • Hair using Metal Beads, Micro Rings- Pencil width hair individually attached to similar width hair and secured together with a metal bead.
  • Bonded Hair- Floss to pencil width hair individually attached to similar width hair and secured together melting the bond.
  • Hair on a Skin-like material- Most suitable method for bald spots.  Comes in small to large pieces which can be cut into "puzzles" to fill in the missing parts of the hair.  Can be installed with clips for daily wear or glue for semi-permanent wear.

What type of Hair Extensions is best for you?

A hair extensions specialist is your best go-to person for this answer.  This person is knowledgable in many methods of cosmetic hair installations.  S/he has seen the damages caused by certain hair extensions and is highly educated to know that hair extensions will not cause damage as long as it's the right method, the right installation and teaches his/her clientele proper maintenance and necessary care.  Like your primary doctor will refer you to a specialist?  This is similar as your primary hair salon will refer you to a hair extension specialist.  Good Luck!

Which location can I get Hair Extensions ASAP?!?!

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Meet the Expert

Charlene BlacerCharlene' clients are privileged with her trademark's "secrets" for vibrantly healthy, growing hair. Her knowledge of extension, hairpiece application, scalp, hair follicle treatments, coverage for bald spots, thinning hair, and individualized hair monitoring is unsurpassed by her colleagues.

She works with anyone in need of serious hair to those who desire fuller, healthier, longer hair.

Hair and scalp health is her primary goal. She created the best scalp, hair follicle and nutrition based treatments to achieve her trademark full, healthy mane that her clients are known to have.

Her clients don't suffer from the usual damage and matting that plagues most hair extension wearers. As a hair restoration specialist, she saw the damages caused by improper installation and maintenance.

Her methods of proper application have been able to restore the health of her clients' natural hair, resulting in hair that grows in stronger in 1-2 years; result that is unheard of with hair extensions.


Charlene Blacer is a hair health growth expert specializing in cosmetic hair augmentation. Having a very reputable online business, her credentials include:

More Press

Most Notable Press

Celebrity Clients included a

  • Bollywood actress, singer, dancer, who appeared in BravoTV.
  • A daughter of a legendary famous athlete, who testified that her glue adhesive installation is by far the best she's ever seen and tried! And she paid Charlene full price!

More Specialties

Exclusive Dealer to Invisible Solutions: One solution stands out by being almost invisible. Micro Point Solutions® featuring Cyberhair® by exclusive dealer, Charlene Blacer, a Pennsylvania based Hair Loss Solutions Specialist, has solved the problems of other hair extensions. Known as the "healthy alternative to hair extensions", Micro Point Solutions® offers patented options for fine or thinning hair.

More Solutions: Great Length Human Hair Extensions, EuroLocs Reusable Strand Extensions, No Bump Sewn In Weaves, Hair Barriers for Trichotillomania

2014 BeautyLaunchpad
Winner 2009 Moms on a Mission StartupNation
Featured in Pocono Record 4x

Freelance Specialist will service at your Salon or mine!

Although Charlene is a licensed cosmetologist and can perform all cosmetology services, she prefers to focus solely on hair extensions and hair loss solutions as a hair health and regrowth expert.  She invites partnership with your favorite salon or primary care facility to provide for you her consultation and speciality services.  Please have your favorite salon or primary care facility view this website.  Charlene believes that team work specialists achieve the best results!

If you do not have a favorite salon or primary care facility, Charlene will recommend a salon she freelances at.


Established in 1992.

Started career in 1991, as a hair extension assistant for New York City's elite clientele; Charlene Blacer furthered her hair extension passion combining her Registered Nursing education and began a Hair Health Growth Expert business.  She works with anyone who are in need of serious hair repair due to everything from poor hair extension application, malnutrition, female pattern baldness, chemotherapy, alopecia, over processing and trichotillomania (obsessive compulsive pulling of the hair). She also works with those who simply desire fuller, healthier and longer hair.

Read her online reviews!