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WHY TheSecretMane® Brides?

Because your secretmane® should lasts long after the wedding is over. Imagine the look on your new husband's face when he unwraps his new wife! Make your wedding night a first experience to remember...

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ABOUT TheSecretMane® Brides

What's so different about TheSecretMane® Brides?

Charlene has extensive experiences in creating sex appealing "Victoria's Secret" looking hair ranging from unique to modern to secretive to over the top hairstyles. She grew up and received training in the most cosmopolitan city in the world, New York and has worked with celebrities and models.

Many women around the world with fine, thin, hard to grow hair seek Charlene Blacer because she is a great problem solver, patient and a perfectionist. As a Long Hair Creation Specialist, she discovered something she wanted to do more of. Working with one of her bridal clients, she has helped uncover a hidden talent.  She enjoyed creating an intertwining sculpture for her bride; to achieve her *trademark full and healthy mane her clients all over the world have.

How does your service stand out?

Charlene pays special attention with care to every detail because getting married, being the star attraction and making sure all the images look exactly how the bride dreams it to be is very important. This is why Charlene devotes one-on-one personal time with each bride learning about their wedding, their tastes and anything else to come up with 3 different looks ensuring they find the perfect look together.

Unlike typical hair salon settings, Charlene enjoys spending ample time with her clients during their Trial Consultations in recommending the best hairstyles for their wedding attire, hair accessories, wedding theme, season of wedding, face shape, hair length and diameter. She takes pride in her work.

*TheSecretMane® is for short, thin, weak, hard to grow or any fashion forward hair.

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

Hair and life changing transformations. Giving hope to hopeless hair. Making people happy. Meeting new people. Traveling. Making dreams come true.

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Meet the Artist

Charlene BlacerCharlene' clients are privileged with her trademark's "secrets" for vibrantly healthy, growing hair. Her knowledge of extension, hairpiece application, scalp, hair follicle treatments, coverage for bald spots, thinning hair, and individualized hair monitoring is unsurpassed by her colleagues.

She works with anyone in need of serious hair to those who desire fuller, healthier, longer hair.

Hair and scalp health is her primary goal. She created the best scalp, hair follicle and nutrition based treatments to achieve her trademark full, healthy mane that her clients are known to have.

Her clients don't suffer from the usual damage and matting that plagues most hair extension wearers. As a hair restoration specialist, she saw the damages caused by improper installation and maintenance.

Her methods of proper application have been able to restore the health of her clients' natural hair, resulting in hair that grows in stronger in 1-2 years; result that is unheard of with hair extensions.


Charlene Blacer is a hair health growth expert specializing in cosmetic hair augmentation. Having a very reputable online business, her credentials include:

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Most Notable Press

Celebrity Clients included a

  • Bollywood actress, singer, dancer, who appeared in BravoTV.
  • A daughter of a legendary famous athlete, who testified that her glue adhesive installation is by far the best she's ever seen and tried! And she paid Charlene full price!

More Specialties

Exclusive Dealer to Invisible Solutions: One solution stands out by being almost invisible. Micro Point Solutions® featuring Cyberhair® by exclusive dealer, Charlene Blacer, a Pennsylvania based Hair Loss Solutions Specialist, has solved the problems of other hair extensions. Known as the "healthy alternative to hair extensions", Micro Point Solutions® offers patented options for fine or thinning hair.

More Solutions: Great Length Human Hair Extensions, EuroLocs Reusable Strand Extensions, No Bump Sewn In Weaves, Hair Barriers for Trichotillomania

2014 BeautyLaunchpad
Winner 2009 Moms on a Mission StartupNation
Featured in Pocono Record 4x

Freelance Specialist will service at your Salon or mine!

Although Charlene is a licensed cosmetologist and can perform all cosmetology services, she prefers to focus solely on hair extensions and hair loss solutions as a hair health and regrowth expert.  She invites partnership with your favorite salon or primary care facility to provide for you her consultation and speciality services.  Please have your favorite salon or primary care facility view this website.  Charlene believes that team work specialists achieve the best results!

If you do not have a favorite salon or primary care facility, Charlene will recommend a salon she freelances at.


Established in 1992.

Started career in 1991, as a hair extension assistant for New York City's elite clientele; Charlene Blacer furthered her hair extension passion combining her Registered Nursing education and began a Hair Health Growth Expert business.  She works with anyone who are in need of serious hair repair due to everything from poor hair extension application, malnutrition, female pattern baldness, chemotherapy, alopecia, over processing and trichotillomania (obsessive compulsive pulling of the hair). She also works with those who simply desire fuller, healthier and longer hair.

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