TheSecretMane® Professional Treatment Kits for Alopecia & Trichotillomania

Professional Salon Services in the Poconos, New York City. Please Note: TheSecretMane will only refer any SECRET salon info after purchase of hair and kit!

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TheSecretMane® Professional Treatment Kits for Alopecia & Trichotillomania are products and supplies sold and used by professionals trained in TheSecretMane® proprietary method of installation. This unique installation method is far more advanced than those offered in most hair loss and replacement studios and salons worldwide.  It's no wonder why hair loss sufferers from places like Canada, the UK and many cities in the US travel long distances for TheSecretMane®.


While many competitors practice in the method of shaving the natural hair, which defeats the purpose of possible future hair regrowth, TheSecretMane® professionals encourage and monitor natural hair regrowth. While many competitors practice in a one-size-fits-all solution, TheSecretMane® pays special attention to every clients' needs from the onset of their hair loss, to their rigorous lifestyle, to their hair care maintenance and to their hair regrowth goals.


Even a nationally recognized non-profit has secretly confessed that from all of the hair loss sufferers they know, TheSecretMane® wins the Best in Hair Loss Installations! In addition, a Hollywood celebrity client has raved; "I have no worries with my TheSecretMane® hair falling out in front of thousands of fans!"


TheSecretMane® believes that clients should not have to be a slave to fake hair for life. TheSecretMane® specializes in the rehabilitation of hair loss, hair health and regrowth combining professional monitoring with the perfect solution and installation that results in hair that grows in stronger and healthier in as little as 1-2 years; a result unheard of with any hair loss solutions in the market today. As some of TheSecretMane® graduates testify:

"She is feeling strong and proud of herself and her self esteem is growing all the time. The intervention of TheSecretMane® was truly what she needed last fall. We are so grateful for the opportunity to work with you". ~

"My daughter is over 10 years pull-free with no reoccurrence of Trichotillomania. TheSecretMane® has changed our lives". ~

"I finally have hope for my thinning hair after numerous years of wearing the wrong hair extensions". ~

"I never knew I was over-styling my hair to breakage until my SecretMane® stylist pointed it out. She has taught me a new hair care routine and now my hair is finally healthy. My hair now looks 20 years younger!" ~

TheSecretMane® Professional Treatment Kits for Alopecia & Trichotillomania Hair ReGrowth - Before and After Images & Testimonies

View successful (UN-RETOUCHED!) photos & testimonies of post hairloss sufferers of thyroid, chemo, trichotillomania, medical inducing drugs, damaged, alopecia, etc

TheSecretMane Verified Reviews- Can Hair Grow Back After Hair Loss? View success photos & testimonies of post hairloss sufferers of thyroid, chemo, trichotillomania, damaged, alopecia, etc

Can Hair Grow Back After Hair Loss? View success photos & testimonies of post hairloss sufferers of thyroid, chemo, trichotillomania, damaged, alopecia, etc

How to get started in TheSecretMane® Professional Treatment Kits for Alopecia & Trichotillomania:

Due to numerous salon locations and their policies and fees, in person salon consultations cannot be applied towards future purchases. Please study website. Webcam & Coffee Shop consultations always free! Click on image to book!


A face to face consultation is mandatory to determine hair color, texture, length and installation products. All professional products will ship to the salon.



Quality work takes time. Please allow at least 4 weeks after color and texture approval.


Please forward Paypal receipt to indicating hair color and name of salon. TheSecretMane will contact the salon for the rest of the information.


While waiting for your products to arrive to your stylist, prepping your natural hair and scalp will diminish any discomfort during prolonged wear and to ensure nourishment to any hidden hair follicles to help uncover and release any potential hair regrowth. Instructions
Buy Shampoo Vitamins for Hair Loss Alopecia Trichotillomania | Hair Strengthening & Protection

Hair Strengthening & Protection




Your stylist will inform you to set up the date and time once all of your products have arrived in the salon.

Add a Refreshing Scalp Facial to your appointment!

Just like a face facial, a scalp facial address the scalp.  You may not be familiar with the phrase “scalp facial,” but the idea of an exfoliating, cleansing, and treatment regimen for your head makes sense in the same way it does for your face. (Your scalp is skin, after all.) To encourage gorgeous, healthy hair, you need to get to the root of the problem, literally. “A healthy scalp environment makes for a stronger bulb to the hair cuticle. Properly nourished, cleansed and exfoliated means healthier and stronger hair ~

TheSecretMane® facial addresses the a healthier scalp to help prevent further hair loss, encouraging release of new hair follicles with the use of specially formulated scrub, mask and treatments and TheSecretMane® hair barrier stays on better till the next maintenance.  Add this service when you book your next maintenance




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This is very important as you'll want to keep your new hair looking and feeling realistic. Here are the products you'll need with instructions.



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Success in TheSecretMane program involves a "3 way street". The stylist, the client and a must have caring supportive love one. Good Luck and welcome to TheSecretMane! We look forward to an incredible journey ahead!

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Meet TheSecretMane® Professional Treatment Kits for Alopecia & Trichotillomania- Teacher & Expert

Charlene BlacerCharlene' clients are privileged with her trademark's "secrets" for vibrantly healthy, growing hair. Her knowledge of extension, hairpiece application, scalp, hair follicle treatments, coverage for bald spots, thinning hair, and individualized hair monitoring is unsurpassed by her colleagues.

She works with anyone in need of serious hair to those who desire fuller, healthier, longer hair.

Hair and scalp health is her primary goal. She created the best scalp, hair follicle and nutrition based treatments to achieve her trademark full, healthy mane that her clients are known to have.

Her clients don't suffer from the usual damage and matting that plagues most hair extension wearers. As a hair restoration specialist, she saw the damages caused by improper installation and maintenance.

Her methods of proper application have been able to restore the health of her clients' natural hair, resulting in hair that grows in stronger in 1-2 years; result that is unheard of with hair extensions.


Charlene Blacer is a hair health growth expert specializing in cosmetic hair augmentation. Having a very reputable online business, her credentials include:

More Press

Most Notable Press

Celebrity Clients included a

  • Bollywood actress, singer, dancer, who appeared in BravoTV.
  • A daughter of a legendary famous athlete, who testified that her glue adhesive installation is by far the best she's ever seen and tried! And she paid Charlene full price!

More Specialties

Exclusive Dealer to Invisible Solutions: One solution stands out by being almost invisible. Micro Point Solutions® featuring Cyberhair® by exclusive dealer, Charlene Blacer, a Pennsylvania based Hair Loss Solutions Specialist, has solved the problems of other hair extensions. Known as the "healthy alternative to hair extensions", Micro Point Solutions® offers patented options for fine or thinning hair.

More Solutions: Great Length Human Hair Extensions, EuroLocs Reusable Strand Extensions, No Bump Sewn In Weaves, Hair Barriers for Trichotillomania

2014 BeautyLaunchpad
Winner 2009 Moms on a Mission StartupNation
Featured in Pocono Record 4x

Freelance Specialist will service at your Salon or mine!

Although Charlene is a licensed cosmetologist and can perform all cosmetology services, she prefers to focus solely on hair extensions and hair loss solutions as a hair health and regrowth expert.  She invites partnership with your favorite salon or primary care facility to provide for you her consultation and speciality services.  Please have your favorite salon or primary care facility view this website.  Charlene believes that team work specialists achieve the best results!

If you do not have a favorite salon or primary care facility, Charlene will recommend a salon she freelances at.


Established in 1992.

Started career in 1991, as a hair extension assistant for New York City's elite clientele; Charlene Blacer furthered her hair extension passion combining her Registered Nursing education and began a Hair Health Growth Expert business.  She works with anyone who are in need of serious hair repair due to everything from poor hair extension application, malnutrition, female pattern baldness, chemotherapy, alopecia, over processing and trichotillomania (obsessive compulsive pulling of the hair). She also works with those who simply desire fuller, healthier and longer hair.

Read her online reviews!