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Trichotillomania Before and After Pictures

View countless of success photos, read testimonies of sufferers who found hope, healing, beauty and hair regrowth!

Trichotillomania Before and After Pictures Testimonies

Hi Charlene!

How are you? I hope you had a happy Easter:) I'd love to hear about how you have been.

I also wanted to touch base with you to let you know that using the tape has been working out really well for me! I've put the hair on my trouble spots and it keeps me from getting to those areas. Thank you for being an answer to prayer! I'm so grateful to finally have a way to not only feel more confident, but to help me stop pulling. Talk to you soon!

Kelly from New Jersey

OMG were absolutely right....I haven't pulled since you worked your magic on me!!! Thank you!!!

Carey from New York

Hi Charlene,

My name is Jill and I'm currently suffering from trichotillomania. After years of therapy and hiding my thinning and bald areas, I am now considering your ManeForAYear program for people with TTM. A friend of mine, Deborah, had a full mane from your salon 2 years ago and really loved it - after a year, her hair had grown back, and she has been pull-free ever since.

Thank you so much, Charlene! I appreciate your time, and hope to hear from you soon. Best,

Jill from New York, commenting on the 12 Months & Hope To Be Pull-Free Forever ManeForAYear purchase

Hi M.,

I have been using charlene blacer at the secret mane for well over a year and she is amazing. i have a full hair piece and you would never know. her website is she has completely changed my life and given me back my lost confidence. she is the warmest person, very understanding and knowlegable about trich as well as has numerous trich clients.

anyway, i hope this helps. best of luck to you.


Hi S.,

Is that the salon that uses Cyberhair? Can you tell me a little bit about the hair/system--how it attaches, what washing it is like, how long it lasts, how long you can go between maintenance? My last system was attached with fishing-line like knots, which as a trichster, i always picked at and unraveled!

Thanks so much for your help,


hi m.,

how are you? a few things for you...

charlene does have cyberhair but she also uses human hair which is what i have. basically i have a "cap" that has a mesh with human hair attached to it. (the hair is about shoulder length)

charlene attaches the perimeter with an glue and then secures it with beads that she threads your own hair with the piece hair and clamps them together.

it feels absolutely secure and will not move. when i first went to see charlene i had absolutely no hair on my crown. i had the "friar tuck" thing going on. as my hair grew she was able to pull it through the mesh and bead it. the glue prevents me from getting at my own hair. i have no interest in pulling my hairpiece. my hair has grown about 8" since i started. my urges have completely subsided. it's not to say that i haven't pulled once, i have a few times but have been able to stop. and have not created the damage that i did to myself over all these years.

for washing, i use a system that comes with the piece. shampoo, conditioner, etc. and only wash it 2x a week. my own hair is so much healthier. i used to wash my hair everyday which made it so dry and brittle. (what little i had.) my hair texture is thick and curly. i normally wash it at night and let it air dry. pull it in a low braid and sleep on a satin pillow. satin prevents it from getting tangled. overall, maintenance is very low.

i usually see charlene anyway from 5-7 weeks. tomorrow i'm going to see her for a tune-up. she removes the piece, washes deep conditions it, scrubs down your scalp and replaces it. i'm usually there a couple of hours. then i leave the salon feeling amazing!

i hope this helps. definitely think about having a consultation with her. and if you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to email me.

all the best,


Thanks SO MUCH for your detailed email—you're a doll.

I have a lot of thick hair, but a sizeable bald spot at the crown and I have, for some reason, started pulling at the hairline, too, so this sounds perfect, since it seems my real hair can be pulled through the net!

I can't believe your hair has grown 8 inches. I don't even know you and I'm thrilled for you. That's so awesome—it's gotta feel amazing!

I am already excited about the prospect of getting this!

Thanks again,


S & M from New York

Hi Charlene, How are you? I am doing ok thank you. I have got nothing but compliments on my "new hair". I am so happy, I cannot even begin to tell you.

Maria from Pennsylvania

hi charlene, i just want to thank you so much for not only doing such a great job with my hair but making me feel the best i've felt in a very long time. it takes a

truly special person to do what you do to help people through a tough time.

: ) ps. loving the hair and still no pulling. you're the best!

Sue from New Jersey

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your support.I finally got these nasty hair extensions out of my head.Polly did a really nice job.I feel a lot better I am going back to Polly for her to check everything on Wednesday I would love to send a photo so you can see.I am so blessed to have been able to find you and Jaime that led me to Polly.I am really hoping to be able to get used to this whole thing and deal with all my issues but this is the first step and what a relief.Can you believe yesterday it only took me 20min to do my hair just simple things like this make it all worth it. I could go on and on but I think you know how of a huge burden has been lifted.I am going to ask Polly to make measurements and get color watches because I really want a custom from you.Not only did all of my brokers and even my dermatologist office say I look great they said (my) hair looked so much better without the extensions but the color was more natural all I could do was smile knowing if they only knew!!! You were so right about everything you and Jaime are truly my Angels.I am praising God everyday that he has answered my prayer and that Jaime was there to guide me in the right direction you are both Angels.. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart, Merry Christmas,

Cathy from Tennessee

Hi girls!!!

How have you all been???

I have been having the time of my life with my new hair!!!

I have went swimming.,, jumped into the lake a midnight with my friends, and driven with the windows down!!!

I have been enjoying my many hairstyles as well!!! My family and friends are LOVING my hair!!!

I have some pictures for you as well!!!

I think that I am using my ultra lock a bit too much... but as long as it cant hurt my hair... its all good... ( I get kinda freaked because it feels like it sheds alot) I have already went through my 2 bottles and I need some more... I want to order 4 or 5 more bottles...

But I want to order it tomorrow or ASAP!!!

Thank you all again for giving me my confidence back!!

Lots of Love

God Bless!!

Amy from Canada, commenting on her Pull-Free Sleep & Swim Wig DIY Kit purchase

i want to thank you for everything u did for me. i feel so more confident and like a woman then i have in a very long time. you are amazing and you have changed my world. i just can't thank you enough. may god bless u and i'll talk to you soon.

Stephanie from Pennsylvania

Hi Charlene!

Well, it’s been 4 days already since you and Sheila gave me my “new hair” – and it’s going great. I’ve gotten so many amazing compliments and everybody seems genuinely happy for me and can see the happiness that I have as well. So thank you so much for giving me this new outlook on what is possible. Thanks again for everything! Love,

Amy from Connecticut


I just wanted to thank you again for yesterday and let you know that I told my sister about trich; she then admitted to having it herself in high school! Though I would let you know since that supports the whole genetic theory!

M. from Connecticut

Hi Charlene!

I absolutely LOVE that I am able to wear my hair down every day!! It's just an amazing feeling not to have to worry constantly about rain or wind or a hair slipping out of place. And the cut complements my face perfectly. People keep saying that I'm glowing. So I just wanted to thank you again! Thanks!

Stacey from New York

extremely professional, experienced and compassionate service!! – After months of suffering with patchy baldness after a terrible salon experience chemically burned my scalp, I sought treatment with hair extensions and after consultation agreed to try the Cyberhair (only one among the many extension options). These extensions are not only extremely light and natural but my self-esteem has soared back to its normal state -- and beyond!

The compassionate care provided by the salon's owner and staff are ummatched and I cannot recommend their services highly enough for anyone suffering with loss of self-esteem due to natural aging, salon accidents, or trichitillomania!

CitySearch reviewer: geneticsprincess from Pennsylvania

Trichotillomania Before and After Pictures- Verified Reviews

TheSecretMane Verified Reviews- Trichotillomania Before and After Pictures-View countless of success photos, read testimonies of sufferers who found hope, healing, beauty and hair regrowth

Trichotillomania Before and After Pictures-View countless of success photos, read testimonies of sufferers who found hope, healing, beauty and hair regrowth

Trichotillomania Before and After Pictures- More Info

What is Trichotillomania?

Trichotillomania (/ˌtrɪkəˌtɪləˈmniə/ trik-ə-til-ə-may-nee, also known as trichotillosis or hair pulling disorder) is an impulse disorder characterized by the compulsive urge to pull out one's hair, leading to noticeable hair loss and balding, distress, and social or functional impairment.[1] It appears in the ICD chapter 5 on Mental and behavioural disorders and is often chronic and difficult to treat.[2]

Trichotillomania may be present in infants, but the peak age of onset is 9 to 13. It may be triggered by depression or stress. Owing to social implications the disorder is often unreported and it is difficult to accurately predict its prevalence; the lifetime prevalence is estimated to be between 0.6% and 4.0% of the overall population.[1] Common areas for hair to be pulled out are the scalp, eyelashes, eyebrows, legs, arms, hands, nose and the pubic areas.

The name, coined by French dermatologist François Henri Hallopeau,[1] derives from the Greek: θρίξ/τριχ-thrix/trich- ("hair"), τίλλειν tillein ("to pull"), and μανία mania ("madness, frenzy").[3]


What are some of the Trichotillomania Treatments used today?

Many health care professionals may use Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a form of treatment that focuses on examining the relationships between thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Other health care professionals prescribe anti-depressants like Sertraline (Zoloft and Prescription drug.  This medicine is an SSRI that treats depression, anxiety, and other disorders.

Some sufferers try Cognitive behavioral hypnotherapy (CBH) is an integrated psychological therapy employing clinical hypnosis and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

But TheSecretMane, uses beautiful hair.  Any women, sufferer or not, whenever she experiences a bad hair day, she is unable to function properly in any setting, such as her job, her school or on a date.  She may even have no desire to go to school or on the date.  But when her hair looks good, she feels great.  Which is why there are organizations, like the American Cancer Society's Look Good Feel Better program, which provides makeup and skin care so that women suffering from chemotherapy are able to feel better during treatment and as a result the path to recovery becomes easier to bear.  With TheSecretMane program, sufferers are given a kit which contains hair and all the products necessary to install and remove the hair, whether on their own or with the help of a professional Trich experienced stylist.  Not only does the hair hide the disorder, but it also prevents access to pulling out their natural hair.  In addition, the sufferer can enjoy an active lifestyle like swimming and roller coaster rides with this hair.  She won't have to think about it for a month as this is how long the average wearer keeps it in for, till the next maintenance.  Over time, with continuous maintenance, the sufferer is able to manage and control her hair pulling and many times have NO DESIRE TO PULL!  This is what makes TheSecretMane program successful since 2004!  The longest student is over 10 years PULL-FREE WITH NO recurrence of the disorder!

What is TheSecretMane program?

TheSecretMane program comprise of 3 different choices:

I offer 3 types of Hope to be Pull-Free Programs:

  • DIY KIT is a WEBCAM ASSISTED SELF TEACHING course comes with everything you need to stop pulling and start hair regrowth.  This Course is perfect for Students who are comfortable doing it themselves or with the help of a relative or their hairstylist.  I include a free webcam tutorial that’ll ensure you to have a beautiful new head of hair, stop pulling and get your life back in only 1 hour and for the entire lifespan of your hair barrier which is up to 6 months of unlimited support.  This Course fee starts at $399-$1999 depending on size and coverage you need.  While photos of your hair are fine to send me, the best option is to measure the area(s) that needs to be addressed correctly to ensure the best coverage needed for your security.
  • DIY KIT PLUS is a 2 DAY PRIVATE WORKSHOP which comes with everything you need to stop pulling, start hair regrowth, private lessons and professional installation that includes hair cutting and hair blending.  This Course is perfect for Students who prefer Charlene to work alongside them.  They need the hands-on experience.  And they want to walk out with hair that was done by a professional.  This course ensure you to learn everything you need for the entire lifespan of your hair barrier which is up to 6 months of unlimited support.  You will learn not only installation techniques but proper removal and challenging topics such as “what happens if my hair grows back?” and “how can I cut the hair barrier into hair extensions?” plus more challenging questions.  This course will give you a beautiful new head of hair, stop pulling techniques that’ll last throughout the lifespan of your hair barrier, typically up to 6 months, and get your life back in only 2 days.  This Course fee is $2999 and Charlene will pick out the best suitable hair barrier for you.
  • PROFESSIONAL SALON INSTALLATION, MAINTENANCE and MONITORING for 12 MONTHS course comes with everything you need to stop pulling and start hair regrowth with the help, guidance, support, experience and artistry of a Trichotillomania friendly hairstylist for 12 months of nothing but beautiful hair days.  This Course is perfect for Students who prefer to leave it up to the professional.  They like the feeling of seeing their Trichotillomania friendly hairstylist in the salon’s private room and chat about their past month’s progress.  Talking as well as meeting other Students is therapeutic for them.  This is the Course that is depicted in many of the success hair regrowth photos you see in this website.  Please check out testimonials all verified reviews from real sufferers!  Also check out natural hair regrowth success from Trich as well as other hair loss ailments  The PROFESSIONAL SALON INSTALLATION, MAINTENANCE and MONITORING for 12 MONTHS program is perfect for those who can travel to our current New York City or Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania locations once a month.  This course will ensure a beautiful new head of hair, stop pulling professional monitoring that’ll last throughout the entire year.  This Course fee info  To get started, please book a consultation-

Is there any Hope Trichotillomania Hair Regrowth?

Yes.  As long as your hair as the potential to regrow, your hair will regrow.

Can I still Pull after Trichotillomania Hair Regrowth?

Yes, which is why you must remain in TheSecretMane program, till ALL hair pulling desires diminishes and you have complete control over your Trich.

How long is your longest Trichotillomania Hair Regrowth student?

Since 2006, almost 10 years pull-free and counting!

Which location can I get Trichotillomania Hair Regrowth service ASAP?!?!

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Stop Pulling Hair Out Waiting For A Trichotillomania Cure! Buy DIY WEBCAM TRAINING Pull-Free Kit Today!

Stop Pulling Hair Out Waiting For A Trichotillomania Cure! ENROLL in the 2 DAY WORKSHOP Today!

Stop Pulling Hair Out Waiting For A Trichotillomania Cure! Buy SALON PROFESSIONAL Pull-Free Kit Today!

Shop around. Compare prices and make me an offer I can't refuse! Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Please let me know!

Meet the Trichotillomania Hair Regrowth Expert

Charlene BlacerCharlene' clients are privileged with her trademark's "secrets" for vibrantly healthy, growing hair. Her knowledge of extension, hairpiece application, scalp, hair follicle treatments, coverage for bald spots, thinning hair, and individualized hair monitoring is unsurpassed by her colleagues.

She works with anyone in need of serious hair to those who desire fuller, healthier, longer hair.

Hair and scalp health is her primary goal. She created the best scalp, hair follicle and nutrition based treatments to achieve her trademark full, healthy mane that her clients are known to have.

Her clients don't suffer from the usual damage and matting that plagues most hair extension wearers. As a hair restoration specialist, she saw the damages caused by improper installation and maintenance.

Her methods of proper application have been able to restore the health of her clients' natural hair, resulting in hair that grows in stronger in 1-2 years; result that is unheard of with hair extensions.


Charlene Blacer is a hair health growth expert specializing in cosmetic hair augmentation. Having a very reputable online business, her credentials include:

More Press

Most Notable Press

Celebrity Clients included a

  • Bollywood actress, singer, dancer, who appeared in BravoTV.
  • A daughter of a legendary famous athlete, who testified that her glue adhesive installation is by far the best she's ever seen and tried! And she paid Charlene full price!

More Specialties

Exclusive Dealer to Invisible Solutions: One solution stands out by being almost invisible. Micro Point Solutions® featuring Cyberhair® by exclusive dealer, Charlene Blacer, a Pennsylvania based Hair Loss Solutions Specialist, has solved the problems of other hair extensions. Known as the "healthy alternative to hair extensions", Micro Point Solutions® offers patented options for fine or thinning hair.

More Solutions: Great Length Human Hair Extensions, EuroLocs Reusable Strand Extensions, No Bump Sewn In Weaves, Hair Barriers for Trichotillomania

2014 BeautyLaunchpad
Winner 2009 Moms on a Mission StartupNation
Featured in Pocono Record 4x

Freelance Specialist will service at your Salon or mine!

Although Charlene is a licensed cosmetologist and can perform all cosmetology services, she prefers to focus solely on hair extensions and hair loss solutions as a hair health and regrowth expert.  She invites partnership with your favorite salon or primary care facility to provide for you her consultation and speciality services.  Please have your favorite salon or primary care facility view this website.  Charlene believes that team work specialists achieve the best results!

If you do not have a favorite salon or primary care facility, Charlene will recommend a salon she freelances at.


Established in 1992.

Started career in 1991, as a hair extension assistant for New York City's elite clientele; Charlene Blacer furthered her hair extension passion combining her Registered Nursing education and began a Hair Health Growth Expert business.  She works with anyone who are in need of serious hair repair due to everything from poor hair extension application, malnutrition, female pattern baldness, chemotherapy, alopecia, over processing and trichotillomania (obsessive compulsive pulling of the hair). She also works with those who simply desire fuller, healthier and longer hair.

Read her online reviews!